Funko POP News Micro Update 122.0

Hope you’re all excited for the upcoming SDCC event, with a record number of POPs coming to this years convention! You’ll be even more hard pressed than usual if you want to grab them all, i know i’m definitely cutting back and will only grab the ones i really want this time. Although that is still quite a few .. let me check my wallet. Make sure to keep an eye on our SDCC page (click me) for all the information you could ever want in one convenient place, here’s some micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. One for our friends over in Europe, it seems you can grab the much sought after Hooded Luke from the SWC over on the Italian GameStop site.
  2. Funko have released a trailer for their upcoming DC’s Most Wanted themed Legion of Collectors Box. Coming to your door this September!
  3. Hot Topic is having a fun POP sale where you can grab any 2 particular POPs for just $10, making them $5 each. No it doesn’t combine with coupons of course, but $5 each is already a 60% saving.
  4. Spoiler Alert! Funko’s Yoko and Hilary unbox the upcoming Tiny Town themed Disney Treasures box during their time at the D23 Convention in Anaheim, this box is set to hit your doors this August. Spoiler Alert!
  5. Funimation have teased on their Twitter a Funko POP that will be exclusive to them at SDCC! It’s blurry but it seems to be Ochaco from My Hero Academia.
  6. Here’s a little snippet of all the fun Funko activities that happened at D23, looking to go next time i hope!
  7. GameStop is having a little Funko sale, with POPs starting at only $2.97 and plenty more to add!
  8. Spoiler Alert! July’s Smugglers Bounty box is here! Or on its way if you haven’t received it yet. Yoko and Jon do an un-boxing right here if you can’t wait. Spoiler Alert!
  9. Barnes and Noble is running a sale from the 17th of July until the 21st! This says that for every time you spend $50 or more in a single transaction on Barnes and Noble online store they will give you a $10 gift card back. Luckily this coincides with SDCC releases, so keep an eye out!
  10. Funko have released a little teaser video showing off their new Zodiac Funko POPs, exclusive to the Funko Shop. They’ve released Cancer already, so keep an eye out for Leo and Virgo coming soon!
  11. Funko have released yet another new line, well count that two lines! These are called “POP Flair” and “POP Stickers”, the flairs are iron on patches and the stickers are well .. you can imagine. The first release of these two lines are Game of Thrones themed to align with the upcoming new season, see below for more!
    1. Khal Drogo POP Flair
    2. Ned Stark POP Flair
    3. Daenerys Targaryen POP Flair (Yes i had to look up how to spell her name!)
    4. White Walker POP Flair
    5. Ned, Khal, Daenerys, White Walker POP Stickers
  12. Here’s some quick clips of Funko’s Disney Treasures challenge! Which took place at D23, yes they do seem like a cult.
  13. Marvin the Martian will be invading SDCC this year with many clones of himself, all painted by artists around the world! Each will be going up for auction.
    1. Here’s an example of one of the re-designed Marvins.
  14. Funko released a little trailer showing off their Masters of the Universe Dorbz ranger that is available on the Funko Shop exclusively, i guess they didn’t sell too quickly!
  15. Crash Bandicoot POPs are on the way! Coming towards the end of this year.
  16. Funko will also be announcing SDCC POP locations for Europe soon as well, it seems since Funko has purchased Underground Toys that the figures may get spread around more this year.
  17. Good news for Mr Toad fans as it seems he will be shared, but is still limited to 1,500 so he will be tricky to get!
  18. Here’s a sneak preview of a new POP coming soon name Giant Lady, exclusive to the POP Asia market.
  19. A cool shot of some wedding cake topper custom Funko POPs by Likhang Pinoy Customs, they look very fun!
  20. One for those outside of the NA, POPCultcha has revealed when their alotment of SDCC Exclusives will be released. 9AM AEST on the 21st of July, all will be restricted shipping, so worldwide except USA and Canada, 1 of each per person.
  21. And as usual for the latest convention information keep track of our official convention pages right here.
    1. San Diego Comic Con
    2. San Diego POP Up Shop
    3. Anaheim D23
    4. Conan at Comic Con

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  1. Thanks for doing all this. I visit your site multiple times a day. Best Pop news site, I adore it.

    1. Hey Frank, you’re welcome thanks for the compliment !

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