Conan at Comic Con 2017! Funko POP Reveal!

Say hello to Conan the Barbarian! Pillaging SDCC this year! Wait .. wrong Conan, it is of course Conan O’Brian, coming to San Diego for the third year running.

And with no exception to the previous two years, his arrival will be accompanied by several POP versions of the man himself. The only way to obtain one of these POPs is to attend his show, they are given out to all of the attendees for each of the day they record. Well and there is eBay too i suppose, if you really must have them! He’s quite popular around SDCC time because of his attitude, though i’ve never seen his show personally. Being from the UK he’s a mystery to me! But from what i know from when i visited SDCC last year, he’s very welcome of the whole culture that surrounds these conventions, which is a change from various other media outlets.

To anyone going to his show this year, i hope you have a great time and get the figure you wanted! It’s a little tricky getting tickets, they’re free but it’s all based on a raffle system. So everyone can sign up to be on the list to receive a ticket, but as you can imagine .. a lot .. of people do so that limits your chances. Each of the previous years there has been 4 different Conan’s, but this year there is five! The fifth is the Mono Conan which will only be given away through special competitions throughout San Diego, so .. that one will probably be the most tricky to obtain. Glam shots and info coming up!

TBS Conan – Spider Conan #09 (San Diego Conan Show Exclusive)

Conan at Comic Con 2017

TBS Conan – Jedi Conan #10 (San Diego Conan Show Exclusive)

TBS Conan – Flash Conan #11 (San Diego Conan Show Exclusive)

TBS Conan – White Walker Conan #12 (San Diego Conan Show Exclusive)

TBS Conan – Mono Conan #13 (San Diego Conan Show Exclusive)

Note: Be sure to check out our main Conan at Comic Con 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!

Official line from Funko

Conan O’Brien will once again be immortalized with a set of four Pop! vinyl figures to be available when Conan returns to San Diego Comic-Con International!

The 2017 Conan collection includes Conan as Spider-Man, Jedi Conan, The Flash Conan, and White Walker Conan!

There will also be a limited edition black and white Conan Pop! called “MonoConan,” which will be available through activations and giveaways taking place in San Diego!

Note: Conan Pop!s will *NOT* be sold at the Funko booth or Pop Up Shop during San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

Click here to learn more about how to add these Conan Pop!s to your collection.

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  1. will these be sold online?

    1. Yeah, exclusively on eBay.

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