Funko POP News Micro Update 121.0

How is everyone today? Hope your weekend is going well! Just was up in Cleveland not too long ago, and happened to drop by the Build A Bear store there. Luckily i managed to find the Chase Furry N Fierce POP just having a sit down! Definitely an easier find than usual, the regular POP re-sellers aren’t exactly stalking Build A Bear. Here’s some micro¬†Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Grab a free poster at Barnes and Noble with any POP purchase during SDCC time, July 20th to 23rd.
  2. SDCC Exclusives Jumpscare Baby and Assault Tank Trooper will be shared with Walmart.
    1. BrickSeek link for Jumpscare Baby.
    2. BrickSeek link for Assault Tank Trooper.
  3. Toy Tokyo is having an awesome giveaway on their Instagram for a Gold Ryu and Gold Astroboy!
  4. Some people have asked me for a few of these links so here you go! Two limited number Pop Up Shop items will be shared, so far .. more will come.
    1. The Marvin the Martian Neon Pink (POP Up Shop) version will be exclusive to Hot Topic, and go on sale here on the 20th.
    2. The Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Gizmo from Gremlins will go live on this link the night of the 7th of August.
      1. Update, now going live the night of the 14th at this link.
    3. Flocked Blue Scooby Doo will be shared with Box Lunch, going live on this link on the 20th.
    4. Musashi going live on this link, will be shared with Box Lunch.
  5. A few new POPs are coming later this year, seen in Barnes and Noble.
    1. James Bond
      1. Jill Masterson
      2. Jinx
      3. Oddjob
      4. Roger Moore
      5. Sean Connery
      6. Blofeld
      7. Daniel Craig
      8. Jaws
    2. Tron
      1. Tron
    3. Wonder Woman Wave 2
      1. Etta with Sword
      2. Wonder Woman in Cloak
    4. DC Bombshells Wave 2
      1. Batwoman
      2. Catwoman
      3. Hawkgirl
      4. Poison Ivy
      5. Supergirl
    5. POP Rocks
      1. Jerry Garcia
      2. Elton John
      3. Kurt Cobain
    6. Angry Beavers
      1. Dagget
      2. Norbert
    7. Rick and Morty Wave 3 – Various
    8. Rocko’s Modern Life – Various
    9. Black Panther Movie – Various
  6. One for the UK, Holo Qui Gon Jinn is being sold here for 20 quid.
  7. Keep an eye on my Hot Cash page if you need Hot Cash, i will be adding more over time, and adding all my own Hot Cash too but sporadically! Otherwise they will get used up straight away.
  8. Some Justice League Dorbz coming out on the 1st of August.
    1. Tactical Batman
    2. Armored Aquaman
    3. Steppenwolf
    4. Flash
    5. Cyborg
  9. GameStop will have exclusive Justice League Mystery Minis
  10. Wave 4 of the NFL POPs are coming.
  11. Two more mystery Thor: Ragnarok POP is coming.

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One thought on “Funko POP News Micro Update 121.0

  1. Has anyone found the Jail Time Mel Target exclusive yet??

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