Hot Topic Exclusive Furry N Fierce Funko POP! Out Now!

Does your bear have a wild side? Prepare to find one with the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Furry N Fierce Funko POP!

Furry N Fierce is a brand new line from Hot Topic in co-operation with Build-A-Bear, your favorite bear making company. Seems fitting since my local Build A Bear is right next to Hot Topic! So is this what a bear would look like if they visited Hot Topic on the daily? I wonder. By the way this POP also has a Chase version (Of course it does) which is flocked, this brings up a question for me. They say the new Flocking process is more expensive so they increased the Flocked POP price to $16.50 where as the regular POPs are $12.50, but i assume this POP will be $12.50 regardless even if you do have the chance of a flocked version.

Regardless it doesn’t just stop with this POP, they are creating a whole line out of these. You can look forward to not only seeing POPs, but clothes and more from the Furry N Fierce line. But definitely do not google Furry with the adult filter turned off! The other side to this line will be a clothing ranger, starting with a leather jacket, skirt, dress and sweater. What are your thoughts on this partnership? I wonder, glam shots and info coming up!

Update 12th July 2017: Now on sale as of midnight!

Furry N Fierce – Furry N’ Fierce #01 (Hot Topic / Build A Bear Exclusive) $12.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Furry N Fierce Funko POP

Furry N Fierce – Flocked Furry N’ Fierce [Chase 1 in 6] #01 (Hot Topic / Build A Bear Exclusive)

Note: Also available at Build-A-Bear (Click me).

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