Funko POP News Micro Update 120.0

The SDCC news keeps coming, along with the sheer truckload of Funko figures that are coming to us this Summer. When you add in the Pop Up Shop and D23 especially, make sure you stay up to date by following our respective pages for each convention. We have a special page for all 4 types, including the Conan POPs! Good luck to any of those going over to San Diego this year, and lucky those who already live there. Here’s some micro¬†Funko POP News for the day!

  1. The official shared exclusive list will be coming on the 19th, but plenty has already been revealed by various leaks and so on! Full details are on our SDCC page, but the two newest ones are as follows. The Flocked Scooby Doo is an interesting one, as it is limited to 2,500 pieces. A while ago i said that there’s no way they can sell so many in the Pop Up Shop, and seems that’s true as the limited ones will be shared.
    1. Westworld Musashi will be shared with Box Lunch or Hot Topic.
    2. Flocked Blue Scooby Doo will be shared with Box Lunch or Hot Topic.
  2. Part of the new horror releases will be a Grady Twins 2 pack from The Shining! These will be exclusive to Target and also have a Chase variant. Yes you’re right that this is the first Chase Target has got, the first time there’s been a Chase 2 pack and lastly .. yes both POPs in that 2 pack are exactly the same.
  3. If you weren’t interested in grabbing the Furry N Fierce POP from Hot Topic, they’re not back in stock at Build A Bear.
  4. The awesome Commander Cody POP has started shipping from FPI, but where is here in the USA? Still no sign at my Walgreens, looking out for him.
  5. If you’re interested in trying for a Chase perhaps, then the Iron Sheik WWE POP is back in stock at Hot Topic. (Don’t forget Hot Cash or Coupons!)
  6. The lovely people over at Blizzard have confirmed when that Carbon D.Va Meka will be coming out, apparently it will be debuting at SDCC and also popping up online at the same time. So keep an eye on the site starting the evening of the 19th! And yes we do have a link for you, of course.
  7. Sad news recently as Stan Lee’s wife, Joan Lee has passed away.
  8. Funko have stated that although the new Vynl. figures will be $15 per pack, the SDCC Exclusive will be $20. Still fairly reasonable i think, i’m not a huge fan of them but they are the same size as POPs.
    1. They also stated that they may appear in future boxes such as Collector Corps, please no! Well they’re better than a Hat or Mug i suppose.
  9. Galactic Toys are shipping out that awesome Shenron 6″ POP, looking forward to receiving it! I hope you got yours.
  10. Here is a photo of the yearly reward for Legion of Collectors subscribers who took the monthly option.
  11. The brand new Funko HQ is opening on the 19th of August! There will apparently be exclusive POPs only available at the opening event, have fun anyone who’s lucky enough to go! Opening ceremony is at 9:30AM.
  12. The Amazon exclusive Adolescent Groot is available again, but on back order, grab one if you still need!
  13. Funko started doing the Zodiac with their Freddy’s starting with Cancer, seems like the next two will be Leo and Virgo! Where’s Gemini? We will have to wait!
  14. The Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Flocked Snagglepuss is back in stock!

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