Roll Up. July 2017 Hot Cash Sale Starts Today!

Come take part in the Quad annual July 2017 Hot Cash Sale! All you need are your July 2017 Hot Cash Codes, your wallet, and a lack of self control and say hello to your swimming pool filled with POPs. As usual we’re here to provide you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your money.

July 2017 Hot Cash Sale

As usual with Hot Cash the first day of the sale is just for VIP members, basically those who are regular Hot Topic customers. After those first 24 hours everyone is welcome to use their codes! Back in the April Hot Cash season they released their first Hot Cash exclusive which was the Cruella and Ursula 2 pack, and seems this time will be no different. For July they are releasing (i’m sure you’ve seen it) the Joker and Harley Quinn Beach 2 pack. I can’t say i mind this tradition, i mean the 2 packs are certainly ones that i want. When you combine that with Hot Cash, you are getting them at a great discount anyway so all the more reason to buy!

One thing to note about the sale this time (well a very big thing to note really) is that the codes are no longer universal, before every code for each bracket was the same for everyone. But from this sale and probably going forward, all Hot Cash Codes will be unique. This is clearly being put in place to stop people who didn’t earn any Hot Cash from taking advantage of the codes, what are your thoughts on this tactic? I wonder. This of course doesn’t affect those who only use their coupons in store, they can be used the same as normal. You would think with these new unique codes they would be one use only, but perhaps not? I managed to use my codes multiple times (i’ve heard reports saying they work 2-3 times each, unconfirmed), so go ahead and use them as much as you like, then feel free to share them once you are done.

Another benefit to Hot Cash now is that you can use them on top of site-wide promotions, before now Hot Cash always overrides any other promotion. But right now the Hot Cash goes on top of the current 20% discount, this makes for a total of 60% off! For example, POPs are usually $12.50, with the 20% off they are $10 each. If you add your Hot Cash on top of that they are now $5 each (before tax and shipping of course).

One last thing i noted, is that not all codes can stack on top of each other. What they are doing now is if you have say .. 4x $15 off $30 codes, you can use them all at once. But can you? Not in all cases. It depends on the starting code, some of my codes start with HWA4 and HWA3. If i try to use two HWA3 codes together, it’s a no go. But the HWA3 and HWA4 do work together, so if the starting 4 characters of your codes are the same, it may not work together. (Please note HWA were just my codes, others have codes that start with HSK9, HSA1 and so on)

Date information: Hot Cash sale starts on July 4th (Midnight PDT) for VIP members, and then midnight of the 5th for everyone else with it ending on the 16th. VIP members are basically anyone who has an account and has spent $500+ in the past, but it may work for you so feel free to give it a try on the 5th otherwise wait for the 6th.

  • Hot Cash Codes (Now unique) given away by generous users.
    • HSA0-D72D4GRWHD – /u/GalaxyGamerYT – 15/30
    • HWB0-TRSR2TQ5WG – /u/resistingvenus42 – 30/60
    • HSK8-L6M2M4ZNTN – /u/resistingvenus42 – 15/30
    • HWA8-CF4D9NN65R – /u/jennaISlegend – 15/30
    • HSK3-TPRCMNZD47 – /u/jennaISlegend – 15/30
    • HWB0-M3PTVKWWFZ – /u/jennaISlegend – 30/60
    • HWB1-M3ZKNQ4QBR – /u/jennaISlegend – 30/60
    • HSK9-K26C62VCZX – /u/RollTateRoll – 15/30
    • HSK8-WDMHDSXFNX – /u/RollTateRoll – 15/30
    • HSA8-X6VK9MPZC7 – /u/mmmpiecrust – 15/30
    • HWA1-RMQP7CVTGP – /u/crackercandy – 15/30
    • HSA1-694XH67L9Z – /u/crackercandy – 15/30
    • HWA5-F7MPTVBB2L – /u/crackercandy – 15/30
    • HSK8-DTTCNDC77C – /u/crackercandy – 15/30
    • HWA0-CD65R66QLL – /u/crackercandy – 15/30
    • HSK5-BNLSTBTWCD – /u/PoolpSC – 15/30
    • HSK3-N5F4SMV4QL – /u/PoolpSC – 15/30
    • HSA0-DGWK2GF9KP – /u/ayoitzjoe – 15/30
    • HSA1-BD9VMTC5HZ – /u/ayoitzjoe – 15/30
    • HSA7-B9XMHQZPHZ – /u/ayoitzjoe – 15/30
    • HWA7-FZK3LXWBTR – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWA8-SNP7FNWWXH – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWA0-ZKZ52TSN5N – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWA3-B97Q9CT5X9 – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWA0-H2WWZVSHLB – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWA8-NQN5XL5XZ9 – /u/tourad01 – 15/30
    • HWD0-B7ZHS66NMD – /u/ThePurpleRainMaker – 60/120
    • HWA0-63LPX2ZRVW – FPN User Shannon 15/30
  • Box Lunch
    • BSA6-WP9RGHPM5Z – /u/funkofanatic95 – 15/30

Money Saving Tip 1: Did you buy anything there that is still in stock during the past 30 days? Well return it and re-buy it with Hot Cash to save some extra POP money.
Money Saving Tip 2: Try to reach as close to the discount amount as possible, remember things like $150 is 12 POPs exactly so you get the best discount.
Money Saving Tip 3: Make sure you have an account! Hot Topic gives you back $5 for every $100 spent, and when you become a VIP+ member you get even more back!
Money Saving Tip 4: Using a Credit Card that gives you cash back, if you have a Credit Card which provides Cash Back .. usually 1 or 2% then be sure to use it.
Money Saving Tip 5: Use eBates when buying online! At no cost to you they will give you 4.0% cash back, so $4 for every $100 spent which adds up! As an added bonus they give new members $10 if they make a purchase of $25 or more so this will discount your Hot Topic purchase even more. Once you’ve signed up you just go to their Hot Topic page and click Shop Now!
Money Saving Tip 6: New!! Hot Cash codes have always overridden other discounts, but Hot Cash Codes now work on top of site-wide discounts! Combine this with the current 20% discount to grab a total of 60% off any item!
Money Saving Tip 7: Old codes are still working (so far) coupon code “HTGL4526” for $10 off $30, “4MAYBDAY” for $10 off $30,”ECS6SWXH” for $30 of $75 and “Q5ZMEPA9” for $50 off $125.

Hope this information will help you get the best out of your Hot Cash experience!

Good luck with all of your shopping and feel free to ask any questions!

Bonus 15/30 Hot Cash codes will be added here randomly. (Update: All 10 of mine are now added, feel free to make use of them!)

  1. HWA3-M4MN3PV26B
  2. HWA3-DXK4DV9WF6
  3. HWA2-TB77G7WZ54
  4. HWA6-BCT965RMWP
  5. HWA5-DG664N649F
  6. HWA3-W25BZS2QVM
  9. HWA4-6CVT99BGWX
  10. HWA6-5P9K376NTD

16 thoughts on “Roll Up. July 2017 Hot Cash Sale Starts Today!

  1. It’s interesting. My Hot Cash was $15 off $30 or more. I had exactly $30 in Pops before tax and no shipping due to ship to store, but I didn’t actually get the $15 off until I added another item. Doesn’t make sense to me…

    1. Hi Peter, what items did you have in your cart exactly?

      1. 3 Alien: Covenant Pops so each was $10 after the 20% discount. I added a GOTG2 PSH and then the Hot Cash took effect.

  2. Any codes for box lunch?

  3. I need some hot cash to start buying for back to school!!! I can not believe they are universal now…Anyone with an extra coupon?

  4. Does anyone have the codes!?! Please and thank you.

  5. By codes being “now unique” do you reach each certificate will have a unique code and no longer be good for multi uses???

    1. Hi Jaclyn, yes each coupon has a unique code. They say only one use, but from what i’ve seen it works for 2-3 uses.

    2. Bummer, I shopped to early last time and spent was at to much and didn’t get cash, only a discount coupon, so I was hoping to find on online! Oh well. Thanks for the info

    3. Jaclyn Sheldon Welcome! If you do have some you can stack them, also they stack on top of the 20% discount so technically 60%off.

    4. I will look forward to that next time I can earn some!!

  6. And of course I’ve been tossing my hot cash coupons when cleaning my room and only have one or two. I get it I guess but I don’t like this change!!

    1. Hi Jennifer, i know what you mean! Hot Cash has always been the perfect time for POPs, as this seems to be the new norm it now seems best to at least grab a couple of $15 off $30 or other coupons during the earning period. I managed to use mine 3 times this time.

  7. None of these codes seem to work?

    1. Hi Angie, if you tried them all then all of them have been used ~

  8. im willing to trade my box lunch money for hot cash if anyone is interested

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