Day: June 29, 2017

San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017! Funko Reveal Part 2!

You wanted more? Well you have more! A lot more that is, with the second part of the Funko San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017 reveals we have no less than 15 more items for you!

On our last stop before we get back to the main SDCC waves, we have the second (and last) wave from the Pop Up Shop. I’m surprised when advertising their shop, they don’t emphasize the POP part, missed opportunity on a poor pun there! Regardless, this is a very .. large wave right here, i mean with how many exclusives they’re having in this shop it’s going to be packed. This also further confirms my belief that most if not all of these will be available outside of San Diego. Probably just on the Funko Shop, but .. elsewhere if we’re lucky because there’s a few i do want.

Anyway, it’s hard to know what to call these, i mean Funko says “Warner Brothers Animation”. They’re all Hanna Barbera, except one .. so i guess they can’t call it that. And then the sticker says Saturday Morning Cartoons. So what have we got here, the mostly Hanna Barbera Warner Brothers Animation exclusive Saturday Morning Cartoon line exclusive exclusive to Funko POP Up Shop. Catchy i know! I should stop rambling.

The main star here is Wacky Racers which i love! I watched them all the time when i was younger, something crazy is that my wife hasn’t even heard of the show. I mean she knows most of the Hanna Barbera shows but why not this one? Confuses me for sure. One i really wanted to get from last year is the Penelope Pitstop Dorbz Ride, my favorite character from the show with a crazy color scheme and outrageous ride. Though .. the Slag Brothers would be fun, i know this probably means nothing to you if you don’t know the show so go and watch it! We have Peter Perfect and Rufus Sawtooth as POPs and accompanied by a Dorbz Ride version of them. But a POP of Big Gruesome on his lonesome? I’m thinking impending Dorbz Ride of him too!

We also have 3 different flocked Scooby Doos, in a variety of neon colors the same as Marvin the Martian from wave 1. Do these colors have any specific meaning? Both have lime green and magenta versions, feel free to let me know if you have the knowledge! Otherwise it’s just a random neon family we’re building here. Fun none the less i suppose, will they go to Gemini Collectibles? Know they have a monopoly on the flocked Scooby line.

Next is Rosie the Robot POPs, a set of 3 in different colors! Again i don’t quite remember her in any of these colors aside from her original, i’m sure there must be an episode where she changes color which is usually the reason for these. And what’s this, a POP from the Jetsons? Well after we got the whole line of Jetsons in Dorbz form Funko did say to expect POPs of them .. so stay tuned! Lastly there is a crazy 8 pack of Huckleberry Hound, one for the fans? I’m not usually a fan of these because it’s normally just 8 different colors but .. this time he has 8 different outfits. All very cute! I expect this one to be a popular one for sure.

Onto the extra additions, Funko has decided now is the time to announce two new lines! Boxed POP Tees and POP Soda. I’m thinking both will be limited as they’re fairly niche, cue Star Lord Soda in Walgreens. It looks like they’ve just taken the heads off of POPs and placed them onto bottles, interesting idea .. i mean you could technically just do this yourself. Kind of reminds me of when Target got those Nuka Cola bottles in and people went crazy for them! If you happen to get one feel free to let me know how it tastes. The POP Tees are pretty cute, i’m liking how they made them to resemble cereal and also a lunchbox. Regardless let me know what you think of all this! This was a long one for sure, glam shots and info coming up!

Wacky Racers – Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth #245 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 750)

San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017 Reveal 2

Wacky Racers – Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth in Buzzwagon #35 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,500)

Wacky Racers – Big Gruesome #246 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,600)

Wacky Racers – Peter Perfect #262 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 750)

Wacky Racers – Peter Perfect in Turbo Terrific #33 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,500)

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Disney Celebration. D23 Expo 2017! Funko Reveal!

You thought the summer craziness was going to end with the Pop Up Shop? Oh no, also now with the D23 Expo 2017 Exclusives, you’ll have to hide in a hole somewhere if you want to save your wallet.

Here we have 5 special sets that will only be available at the D23 Expo, this convention only happens once every 2 years! So certainly not something a Disney fan is going to miss, i’d definitely like to go in 2 years, just have to find the time. Some have mentioned, hey Funko why are there no Disney exclusives, i mean it’s the Disney Expo? Well Funko responded and said that their Disney figures are all at SDCC this year. Though at the same time, Disney does own Star Wars and Marvel, so .. technically i guess they are Disney characters!

They have some fun and strange picks this time, starting with Guardians of the Galaxy. And no i don’t mean the recently released film! These 2 sets of Dorbz below are back from the first film, so i was surprised to see them. It’s pretty rare for them to do that, maybe with Star Wars they go back but that’s a different circumstance really. They are all dressed up in their yellow prison uniforms from the famous incarceration scene, kind of makes me want to re-watch that film! It was certainly fun.

The Star Wars 3 pack makes me think of the Walmart POP 3 pack released not too long ago (Click me), the one where they had the colors from the classic toys instead of the real colors. This one seems to be the same .. except! They have replaced Hammerhead with Snaggletooth. Why? Who knows, maybe they should of kept Hammerhead, and then made a 2 pack with Snaggletooth in his  red and blue outfits. Also in the Star Wars line we have Han Solo riding his Tauntaun, another one you may remember as yes something similar to this came inside a Smuggler’s Bounty Box (Click me). But that was a POP Deluxe, so not only is this a Dorbz, but it is a Ride so .. Han Solo can be removed and displayed separately.

Lastly we have the Red She-Hulk Rock Candy! As a Rock Candy fan, i’m sure my readers know that this is one i want for sure. I’m also hoping to get the POP version of her from SDCC this year, because Red She-Hulk is just an awesome character overall. I love the design with the glowing eyes and the red streak in the hair. So what are your thoughts on the D23 Exclusives? Feel free to comment below! Glam shots and info coming up!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Rocket Raccoon & Star-Lord as Prisoners #? (D23 2017 Exclusive)

D23 Expo 2017 Funko Reveal

Guardians of the Galaxy – Gamora & Drax as Prisoners #? (D23 2017 Exclusive)

Star Wars – Greedo, Walrus Man & Snaggletooth Dorbz 3 Pack #? (D23 2017 Exclusive)

Star Wars – Han Solo riding Tauntaun Dorbz Ride #25 (D23 2017 Exclusive)

Marvel – Red She-Hulk Rock Candy (D23 2017 Exclusive)

Note: Be sure to check out our main D23 Expo 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!


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