San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017! Funko Reveal Part 1!

Something a little different for you today, more Comic Con items will be coming but here we have the first reveal from the San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017! The second coming of the hallowed shop.

I remember the shop from last year, that was the year me and my wife were in San Diego for Comic Con. Back at that point they mainly focused on selling the Mega Captain America Dorbz, though we never actually tried to get in. As you can imagine it’s very difficult to get in, with most things surrounding Comic Con that are popular you really need to be sleeping in line the night before to have a chance. We don’t mind waiting in line for a little, but camping out and hitting the 6 to 12 hours in line mark is a little more than i’d ever commit to! Regardless, good luck to any of you who do go to Comic Con and try to get into the store or the Funko Booth at Comic Con.

As far as i know there will be two reveals for the Pop Up Shop, so aside from the 11 we have below there will be more revealed soon! I’m not sure if they are counting these as part of the 12 Comic Con reveals, it’s hard to say, but with Comic Con still a while away i think we may be seeing plenty more. Today’s theme is pretty exciting! A lot here if you’re a WB or Hanna Barbera fan for sure, and i know there’s a lot of Funko fans who are. This has been met with controversy though, the usual as in fans aren’t keen on so many limited exclusives that will be very difficult to obtain. Of the list i only really want the Rock Candys personally, one of which is limited to 2,000 which is a lot for the Pop Up Store so i’m going to say these will be available elsewhere for sure or perhaps shared with a store (The non limited ones for certain).

Onto the figures themselves, we have not one but 3 Duck Dogers POPs of Marvin the Martian! All in various neon colors, will he glow? I wonder. These including every item below (aside from the Flintstones rock candys) are limited, i will add the specifics below. I think he will be pretty popular, i mean won’t he look great next to the Marvin the Martian POP Ride? One of the coolest POP Rides for sure, and i don’t own it! Shocking indeed. Also we have a bunch of fun figures from Looney Tunes, like Super Daffy Duck and Pete Puma which we already have Dorbz Versions so the POPs were only a matter of time. I’m certainly loving the Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny set, that one is awesome, what do you think?

My favorite from the line up has to be the Rock Candys, not just that i’m a fan of them but the Wilma, Betty and Judy figures just look very cool. I’m a big fan of those shows and have Dorbz Judy, so it’s exciting that we may be seeing more from those shows! No limit is mentioned for Wilma or Betty so i’m hoping they will be shared exclusives and (kind of) easy to get, but Judy is limited to 2,000 so she may be the only tricky one. Anyway what are your thoughts on this line? Feel free to comment. Glam shots and info coming up!

Looney Tunes – Super Daffy Duck #255 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 2,000)

San Diego Pop Up Shop 2017 Reveal 1

Looney Tunes – Pete Puma #261 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,000)

Duck Dodgers – Neon Lime Marvin the Martian #143 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,000)

Duck Dodgers – Neon Magenta Marvin the Martian #143 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 2,500)

Duck Dodgers – Neon Orange Marvin the Martian #143 (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,000)

Looney Tunes – Mr. Hyde & Bugs Bunny #? (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 850)

Looney Tunes – Jester Bugs Bunny & Knight Yosemite Sam #? (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 2,700)

Hanna Barbera – Astronaut Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and Mr. Jinx #? (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 1,000)

The Flintstones – Wilma Flintstone (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive)

The Flintstones – Betty Rubble (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive)

The Jetsons – Judy Jetson (Pop Up Shop 2017 Exclusive LE 2,000)

Note: Be sure to check out our main Pop Up Shop 2017 page, where you can find all details and updates in one convenient place!

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    • Wave 2 – Warner Brothers Animation Part 2 (Click me)
  • D23 Expo 2017
    • Wave 1 – Star Wars & Marvel (Click me)

Official line from Funko

448 West Market Street in the Marina District
(directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester)

Thursday-Sunday, July 20-23, 2017

Our Pop!-Up Shop is returning this year with the theme Get Animated!

We are partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring you a ton of Warner Bros. classic animated characters across many of our product lines! A few characters are making their Funko debut, while others are as you’ve never seen them before!

Check back for the second half of our reveals on Thursday!

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