Day: June 23, 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017! Funko Reveal Part 9!

What’s this, another wave of SDCC figures? Yes today it’s time for wave 9 of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Funko reveals! And it seems like they have run out of themes this time, though i’m sure there’ll be more to come.

This is a pretty exciting wave for me, know i’m loving a few of these figures below. None that have universal appeal, but there should be something here for everyone. Certainly an easy pick for which one is my favorite! More on that later. Considering 3 are from Games and 3 are from MOTU it’s a shame they couldn’t get a few more in there, more MOTU is always nice and there will certainly be more outside of SDCC with armored versions coming.

The first POPs that caught my eye were of course the Super Size POPs, after seeing the back of the Morrowind POPs we suggest that the Dwarven Colossus might be an SDCC exclusive and it seems that is true. I don’t have too much interest in the Elder Scrolls Online game, but that figure is just really awesome i can see it standing out in my collection! What are your thoughts? Next to him is of course the much sought after Megazord POP, pre-orders for him were all over the place a month or two ago as he’s a PX Previews shared POP. And good thing too! Imagine if he was limited in any way, then he would be extremely difficult to get. I didn’t manage to pre-order him but i’m confident he will be available quite readily during and after SDCC takes place, good luck to those who are after him.

Next we have 3 new additions to the “Masters of the Universe” line, you can tell they have been planning the Skeletor ride for a while as No. 21 has been sitting empty for quite some time. Will they release a version of him where Panthor isn’t flocked? Hm .. hard to say, probably not i would think. Aside from Scare-Glow we have She-Ra! Which is very exciting, i’m a big fan of the show and her character is awesome, so yes the She-Ra Rock Candy is my favorite from this line by far! I’m hoping they release another POP of her sometime soon as i don’t have her original, which of course is very pricey now.

So what are your picks from this line, are you one of those who didn’t find anything exciting here? I wonder. I know even though i’m not a fan that the FNAF POPs will be a big hit, they always are! Good luck in your SDCC adventures, glam shots and info coming up!

Dr. Seuss – Flocked Lorax #11 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Reveal 9

FNAF: Sister Location – Jumpscare Funtime Foxy #223 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

FNAF: Sister Location – Jumpscare Baby #224 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Masters of the Universe – GITD Scare Glow #517 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

Funko Originals – Sike-O-Shriner #05 (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)


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Funko POP News Micro Update 119.0

How have you all been, looking forward to the weekend? I wonder, there’s been plenty of exciting SDCC news over the past week or 2 and more to come of course! Sadly this year i won’t be attending SDCC, there’s only so many days you can take off in a year and we will probably […]

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GameStop Exclusive Cartman with Clyde Funko POP! Pre Order Now!

GameStop Exclusive Cartman with Clyde Funko POP ~ South Park – Cartman with Clyde #14 (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99 – Click me to buy! Money Saving Tip 1: Earn 2.5% cash back at GameStop by going through eBates ($10 gift card for new members) click me! All you have to do is sign up, then go to the […]

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Funko Shop Exclusive Black Glitter Freddy Mini Hikari! Out Now!

Funko Shop Exclusive Black Glitter Freddy Mini Hikari ~ Freddy Funko – Black Glitter Mini Hikari (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 1,500) $15.00 – Click me to buy!

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