Funko POP News Micro Update 118.0

How is everyone doing? I wonder, i hope your weekend is going well! Ready for another week of SDCC reveals which will probably add up to the 80 or so exclusives we’ll be seeing at the convention this year, to save my sanity (and my bank account) i will definitely not be getting them all this year! Though there are a couple i really want. Here’s some micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Firstly various new POPs and Dorbz have been found on release lists here and there, i will give you a run down of them below! Long list alert!
    1. Games
      1. Kingdom Hearts
        1. Heartless
        2. Kairi
        3. Riku
        4. Sora
      2. Team Fortress 2
        1. Heavy
        2. Medic
        3. Scout
      3. Marvel VS Capcom
        1. 5 POPs, currently unknown.
      4. Mortal Kombat
        1. Kitana
        2. Liu
        3. Raiden
        4. Scorpion
        5. Sub Zero
    2. Television
      1. Games of Thrones (Series 2 Dorbz)
        1. Jon Snow
        2. Arya Stark
        3. Cersei Lannister
        4. Red Witch (GITD)
        5. Jaime Lannister
      2. Stranger Things
        1. Hopper with Doughnut
        2. Jonathan with Bear Trap
        3. Nancy with Gun
        4. Eleven in Hospital Gown
        5. Brenner with Hazmat Suit
        6. Max with Skateboard
      3. Mystery Science Theater 3000
        1. Tom Servo
        2. Crow
      4. Top Cat
        1.  Top Cat
        2. Sneezly
        3. Benny the Ball
      5. Masters of the Universe
        1. Stratos
        2. Battle Armor He Man Damaged
        3. Damaged Battle Armor Skeletor
        4. Beast Man
        5. Merman with Blue Merman
        6. Evelyn
        7. Orco
    3. Disney
      1. Aladdin – Jasmine (Red)
      2. Brave – Merida
      3. Mulan – Mulan
      4. Sleeping Beauty – Aurora w/Chase
      5. Little Mermaid – Ariel
      6. Elena of Avalor
        1. Mateo
        2. Isabel
        3. Migs
        4. Luna
        5. Elena
      7. Snow White
        1. Snow White
        2. Evil Queen
        3. Grumpy
        4. Happy
        5. Sleepy
        6. Sneezy
        7. Bashful
        8. Dopey
        9. Doc
    4. Movies
      1. Blade Runner
        1. Blade Runner 2049 – Joi
        2. Blade Runner 2049 – Sapper w/Chase
        3. Blade Runner 2049 – Deckard
        4. Blade Runner 2049 – Wallace
        5. Blade Runner 2049 – Luv w/Chase
      2. Horror (Dorbz)
        1. Pennywise
        2. Jack Torrance
        3. Beetlejuice
        4. Chucky
      3. My Little Pony the Movie
        1. Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony
        2. Flutteryshy Sea Pony
        3. Pinkie Pie Sea Pony
        4. Rainbow Dash Sea Pony
      4. Grinch
        1. Max the Dog
        2. Santa Grinch
      5. Home Alone
        1. Harry
        2. Kevin
        3. Marv
      6. Jumanji
        1. Dr. Smolder Bravestone
        2. Professor Shelly Oberon
      7. Elf
        1. Buddy
        2. Jovie in Elf Outfit
        3. Papa Elf
      8. Hellboy
        1. Abe Sapian
        2. Hellboy with Jacket and No Horns
        3. Liz Sherman
        4. Nimue, the Queen of Blood
        5. Rasputin
    5. Anime
      1. Fairy Tale
        1. Wendy Marvell
        2. Carla
        3. Erza Scarlet
        4. Gray Fullbuster
    6. Others
      1. POP Movies: LaLaLand – 2PK – Sebastian & Mia
      2. Pop Keychain: Fairy Tail – Carla
      3. Pop Keychain: Sailor Moon – Sailor Chibi Moon
      4. POP Animation: 2PK – Huckleberry Finn
      5. POP Deluxe: Princess Leia & Luke in Speeder
      6. POP DC: 8 Bit Batgirl
      7. POP Bombshells: Supergirl
      8. POP GOTG2: Groot with Candy Bowl
      9. POP LOTR: Invisible Smeagol
  2. A new Spiderman Homecoming POP is on it’s way, Spider-Man wearing headphones. Originally thought to be an exclusive, it seems this may be a common POP.
  3. Harry Potter Keychain POP blind bags are on the way, there will be 24 in each case. (The same will also be released for Nightmare Before Christmas)
  4. From the upcoming Sister Location FNAF POPs, both Funtime Freddy and Ballor will have Chase variants.
  5. There will be Dorbz coming for the Justice League film, so far 6 are known to exist.
  6. Crunchy Roll has their first exclusive Funko item, it is a Dorbz of Naruto (Click me to see) following the link will let you know how to get one, by becoming a VIP for their expo!
  7. Shenron the awesome DBZ super sized POP is available here in the UK, also feel free to buy if you’re in the USA as they ship there too.
  8. Get prepared for Hot Topic’s next limited and exclusive Dorbz, this time it’s Clark Kent! Coming to you this Wednesday the 21st of June. The link of where he will be is right here!
  9. Also on Wednesday Funko is releasing their recently announced “Wetmore Forest” series, a new line of original POPs with a monster theme. I’m assuming it’s going to be a Funko Shop exclusive (at first at least) as they always release one on a Wednesday. Click me for the countdown!
  10. Darth Vader POP Deluxe exclusive to Target is hitting stores in the west, so keep an eye out for him.

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3 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 118.0

  1. The Jessica Rabbit Rock Candy is now available to preorder at Gamestop, with release date of mid-October.

    1. Hi Heather, i wouldn’t trust that release date ~ when something is far off the GameStop release dates vary wildly. But thanks for letting me know it’s pre-orderable now! I know you have a thing for Rock Candys ~

  2. Good to hear red outfit Jasmine is coming but when will they make Aladdin and most of the rest of Aladdin’s cast of characters already.

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