Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Stitch Funko Dorbz! Live Soon!

Time for another Disney exclusive, this time our friend has got a little furrier. It’s the Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Stitch Funko Dorbz!

Yes i’m sure you’re thinking, how many Disney exclusives does Hot Topic have? The answer to that is, a lot. Not that i mind too much, if anyone’s going to have them it’s better for it to be Hot Topic, at least that way you know you have a good chance of getting them unlike Walgreens and so on. But it does get more tricky with their Dorbz exclusives, as they’re all limited so if you plan on trying to get one good luck! The current release date is the 8th of June, so it will probably go live online around midnight before that which is when you’ll have to be ready if you want him. I’ll probably try and grab one if i can! Me and my wife are big Disney fans, and this guy is pretty cute after all. Lastly the $9.90 price is tentative, Hot Topic increased the price of their flocked POPs so we’ll have to wait and see for the official price. Shots and info coming up!

Update: Same timing notes apple as from this article (click me), should go live around midnight EST!

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch – Flocked Stitch Dorbz #039 (Hot Topic Exclusive LE 3,000) $9.90 – Click me to see! (Going live on the 8th of June)

Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Stitch Funko Dorbz

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4 thoughts on “Hot Topic Exclusive Flocked Stitch Funko Dorbz! Live Soon!

  1. Personally, I wish they’d try and release more at locations that have less exclusives than places like Hot Topic. Is this the first Dorbz as a flocked figure?

    1. It’s the first from Hot Topic yes ~

      1. Okay thanks 🙂

  2. Stitch is up live but Cheshire Cat shows add to bag then when you click it says out of stock. Did you get one??

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