Walmart Exclusive Village Belle Funko POP! Out Now!

Walmart Exclusive Village Belle Funko POP


Beauty and the Beast: Live Action – Village Belle #249 (Walmart Exclusive) $8.78 – Click me to buy!

Walmart Exclusive Village Belle Funko POP

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6 thoughts on “Walmart Exclusive Village Belle Funko POP! Out Now!

  1. The wait on this one to go live on their site was an eternity… the movie will be out on bluray next week. Walmart is so slow!

    1. I agree! I’m glad it finally came .. i thought i’d never get her ~

  2. I finally got one. Still didn’t get that groot one though. That one sold out fast although not as fast as Tony the Tiger did today on I was there within minutes of them going live with it and by the time I got it in my cart, they were sold out

    1. Hi Shannon! I’m glad you got it, i’ve been waiting for Village Belle for ages. And i know what you mean, usually i don’t even post the Funko Shop items because i don’t make it in time myself let alone time to make a post about it! lol

      1. I hear you. I wouldn’t mind if everyone buying were collectors like us but most of them are re-sellers and only want to corner the market to jack up the prices. I know everyone has to make a living but it still hurts us real collectors who are trying to build a nice collection without going broke

        1. Nothing pissed me off more. Like, if Gamestop has an exclusive they get one box of 6, and in most of the stores around me they never make it out of the back room.

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