Drink Up. Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware! Coming June!

Show your fandom off even when you’re drinking, non alcoholic drinks that is .. mostly, with the Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware!

I know what you’re thinking, this is exactly the kind of product i got into collecting Funko products for. Well i agree! We now finally have more drinkware available for Funko fans, before now you had to settle for Five Nights at Freddy’s cups and water bottles. Funko is continually getting into new markets, though with this market they only release particular items. Such as FNAF as the main target for these are a younger audience, though i’m sure plenty of older fans will secretly buy them too! They’re certainly more usable than the dreaded mugs Funko keep trying to push, which are very unwieldy and pretty much the size of a bowl. What are your thoughts on this line? Glam shots and info coming up!

Rick & Morty – Water Bottle

Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware

Rick & Morty – Drinking Cup

Official line from Funko

The cynical mad scientist Rick and his trusting grandson Morty are now featured on drinkware!

Stay hydrated and keep your drinks cool with the Rick & Morty acrylic water bottle!

Features a no-drip flip straw lid and holds 20 fluid ounces!

Also have a toast with this acrylic cup featuring Rick & Morty!

Includes screw-on lid with straw!

Cup holds 16 fluid ounces!

Coming this Spring!

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