Hidden Leaf. Naruto Funko Dorbz! Coming June!

Still upset about the destruction of Hidden Leaf Village, oh no i mean .. Hidden Leaf is just fine! Maybe these Naruto Funko Dorbz will help!

Earlier in the year we saw the concept art that Funko released for this line, but that only included the basic POPs. You can click here to see that article, with this announcement we now get to see the full glam shots! Included the Chase figure that they have added, which is of a glowing Naruto and yes he does glow in the dark. As far as i know this seems to be of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, though feel free to correct me if i’m wrong as i’m certainly not an expert on Naruto considering i’ve never seen it. But it’s on the list so don’t worry, the long long list of things to watch that we all have somewhere! You can be sure this won’t be the last of this line, i’m guessing they will add Sasuke and Kakashi at least! Maybe even some exclusives? We’ll have to wait and see. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: A commenter mentioned that HT Nerdette confirmed there would be a Hot Topic Exclusive Naruto Dorbz, which would also mean they will be limited! We’ll have to wait and see which character this Dorbz will be.

Naruto Shippuden – Naruto #314

Naruto Funko Dorbz

Naruto Shippuden – GITD Naruto [Chase] #314

Naruto Shippuden – Sakura #315

Official line from Funko

Brand new to Dorbz is NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!

This series features the admirable character Naruto!

In addition, one of the smartest ninja Sakura!

Don’t forget to look for Naruto’s glow chase variant! A 1-in-6 rarity!

Coming this Spring!

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5 thoughts on “Hidden Leaf. Naruto Funko Dorbz! Coming June!

  1. I’m really hoping we see more from not only the Naruto Dorbz line but the Pop! line as well. So many great opportunities that it would be a shame to see Funko end it here.

    1. Hi Jack, i’m sure they will do! They’ve already done 2 waves of POPs and i think they sell quite well so i’m expecting there to be more for sure!

      1. I hope so. This is my favorite line so I’m really hoping they don’t stop. For some strange reason though, I just don’t see them making any more Naruto for a long time. I hope we at least see a new Pop for SDCC.

  2. HT Nerdette confirmed on her periscope that there is a Naruto exclusive Dorbz coming so at least we know there’s one more coming. Hopefully its Sasuke but I can see it being Kakashi.

    1. Hi Ariana, thanks for letting me know! Is that so? I haven’t checked her periscope since i got back, i’ll have to go and check it out and add it to the article maybe ~

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