Day: May 25, 2017

Nap Time is Over. Nicktoons Rugrats Funko POPs! Out Now!

Come join the most active babies you’ll find on tv with the just released Nicktoons Rugrats Funko POPs!

When i say active i mean active, these kids never stop and would no doubt be a nightmare for any parents. Though on the other hand they pretty much entertain themselves all day as the parents in the show are pretty much oblivious to their adventures, and they of course can’t understand the secret baby language. I’m not sure if it was different in the USA, but i know in the UK Rugrats was definitely one of the most, if not most popular Nicktoons show! The theme tune is very iconic, i’m sure you’d know it the moment you hear it. Wait a minute .. is there anyone out there who didn’t like Rugrats? Well feel free to say what you were watching as a kid.

I’ve placed a link at the bottom so you can see the concept art that was released earlier this year, a few things have changed since then. They have added 2 Chases in this line! That is pretty rare .. and i’m sure a nightmare for completionists, but both Chases are pretty fun. You have Tommy in his red top with his bottle instead of the screwdriver and also a Purple Reptar, and no he isn’t a 6″ POP sadly. The other thing they added was a Chuckie Pocket POP, not sure why they chose Chuckie in particular! But i’m definitely sensing future Rugrats, Phil and Lil 2 pack anyone? Glam shots and info coming up!

Rugrats – Tommy with Screwdriver #225

Nicktoons Rugrats Funko POPs

Rugrats – Red Shirt Tommy with Bottle [Chase] #225

Rugrats – Chuckie #226

Rugrats – Reptar #227

Rugrats – Purple Reptar [Chase] #227


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Drink Up. Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware! Coming June!

Show your fandom off even when you’re drinking, non alcoholic drinks that is .. mostly, with the Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware!

I know what you’re thinking, this is exactly the kind of product i got into collecting Funko products for. Well i agree! We now finally have more drinkware available for Funko fans, before now you had to settle for Five Nights at Freddy’s cups and water bottles. Funko is continually getting into new markets, though with this market they only release particular items. Such as FNAF as the main target for these are a younger audience, though i’m sure plenty of older fans will secretly buy them too! They’re certainly more usable than the dreaded mugs Funko keep trying to push, which are very unwieldy and pretty much the size of a bowl. What are your thoughts on this line? Glam shots and info coming up!

Rick & Morty – Water Bottle

Rick and Morty Funko Drinkware

Rick & Morty – Drinking Cup


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Nicktoons Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Funko POPs! Coming June!

Catch up on your monster lessons run by headmaster Gromble with the upcoming Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Funko POPs!

Just one of many in the line of upcoming Nicktoons Funko POPs, satisfying your nostalgia for all those shows you watched when you were younger. Or didn’t watch! I know everyone has their favorite, and you usually get into conversations that go something like .. this was the best kids show ever, and the other person is like .. i’ve never heard of that but this other one is the best kids show ever. These 3 monstrous friends spend their days in monster school, which happens to be under the city dump, learning to scare the humans in the upper world. Their typical day will involve venturing to the human world to complete human scaring assignments! While of course getting up to various mishaps.

This was one of the many shows i watched as a kid, i was just re-watching the opening credits to remind myself .. and that intro is still awesome. I’m going to include a link at the end if you want to catch the concept art for these guys, one difference that i did notice is that they slightly changed the height of Oblina and where her eyes come from in the final POP. This is surprising as it’s rare they make any changes! Glam shots and info coming up!

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters – Ickis #222

Real Monsters Funko POPs

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters – Oblina #223

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters – Krumm #224


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Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis! Out Now!

Probably not the best choice for an enemy, you definitely want these guys on your side. It’s the now released Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis!

The game that sounds like you’re staying with a creepy uncle called Freddy for the week, but no it’s a time management horror game that kids seem to love! I know when i have kids i definitely want them to be obsessed with creepy animatronics that come to life and eat children, what fun. Adding on to the previous two lines of Mystery Minis, though they kind of ruled out the GITD as the second wave so we’ll call that wave 1.5. This line seems like it will be a real nightmare for collectors to complete, not only do you have 3 store exclusives (count that 4 really as you have to find the original ones too) but each one will have rarer figures possibly up to 1 in 36 chance. When you combine those two together then that’s when the real fun starts! Good luck to all those who want to complete this line, it will be an accomplishment for sure. Glam shots and info coming up!

Mystery Minis – Five Nights at Freddy’s Wave 2

Five Nights at Freddy's Wave 2 Funko Mystery Minis

GameStop Exclusives – Plush Trap, Withered Bonnie and Golden Freddy.

Walmart Exclusives – Jump-scare Baby, Jump-scare Funtime Freddy and Jump-scare Ballora.

Toys R Us Exclusives – Jump-scare Foxy, Jump-scare Bidybab and Stacked Minieenas.


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Hidden Leaf. Naruto Funko Dorbz! Coming June!

Still upset about the destruction of Hidden Leaf Village, oh no i mean .. Hidden Leaf is just fine! Maybe these Naruto Funko Dorbz will help!

Earlier in the year we saw the concept art that Funko released for this line, but that only included the basic POPs. You can click here to see that article, with this announcement we now get to see the full glam shots! Included the Chase figure that they have added, which is of a glowing Naruto and yes he does glow in the dark. As far as i know this seems to be of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, though feel free to correct me if i’m wrong as i’m certainly not an expert on Naruto considering i’ve never seen it. But it’s on the list so don’t worry, the long long list of things to watch that we all have somewhere! You can be sure this won’t be the last of this line, i’m guessing they will add Sasuke and Kakashi at least! Maybe even some exclusives? We’ll have to wait and see. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: A commenter mentioned that HT Nerdette confirmed there would be a Hot Topic Exclusive Naruto Dorbz, which would also mean they will be limited! We’ll have to wait and see which character this Dorbz will be.

Naruto Shippuden – Naruto #314

Naruto Funko Dorbz

Naruto Shippuden – GITD Naruto [Chase] #314

Naruto Shippuden – Sakura #315


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