Have a Nice Day. WWE Wave 3 Funko POPs! Out Now!

Welcome in some more of your wrestling favorites with the now released WWE Wave 3 Funko POPs!

And where would a new line up of POPs be without the mandatory Chases and Exclusives? Well nowhere of course. It seems for this round they have chosen Finn Balor to take both the Chase and the Exclusive, some variance would be good but i have to admit the Finn Balor figures do look pretty awesome. I mean i’m not really into wrestling as a whole, but i will probably grab him. When i first revealed the POP of Goldberg i was asking people to guess who he was, and a couple of people guessed Gillberg! That’s hm .. kind of close?

I do have a slight fondness for the Mick Foley POP, he was first announced by his daughter (Noelle Foley). He seems like a really nice person, and his daughter strangely enough collector POPs! I watched a few videos on her new YouTube channel, she’s a bit wacky but clearly a big Funko fan. I’ve left a link below for the FYE exclusive as he’s on sale now, the link takes you to the article with all the info you need to grab him if you so wish. Glam shots and info coming up!

WWE – Finn Balor #34

WWE Wave 3 Funko POPs

WWE – Demon Finn Balor [Chase] #34

WWE – Mick Foley #35

WWE – Goldberg #36

WWE – AJ Styles #37

WWE – Demon with Dreads Finn Balor #38 (FYE Exclusive) – Click me!

Official line from Funko

An exciting new wave of WWE Pop!s have arrived!

This wave features Finn Balor, Mick Foley, Goldberg and AJ Styles!

Look for Finn Balor’s chase variant, masked – a 1 in 6 rarity!

Be sure to look for “The Demon” Finn Balor exclusive! Available only at FYE!

Add them to your collection this spring!

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