Little Black Book. Death Note Funko POPs! Coming May!

See if you have the wits to come up against L with the upcoming Death Note Funko POPs!

Another Manga to Anime adaption that has become quite the hit in the USA, and pretty much everywhere to be honest. I haven’t personally read the Manga but i have seen the live action films and the Anime, also if you didn’t know Netflix are releasing a film adaption of Death Note later this year. It will be interesting to see how it does, but there are already many who are criticizing the trailers and the casting choices. We first saw concept art of these figures back in the London Toy Fair (Click here to see), and nothing much has changed between the concept work and glam shots. But they did add an exclusive, L with Cake at Hot Topic. This particular exclusive is already out! Even though the regular ones aren’t yet, my favorite of the line is probably Ryuk although .. i would of preferred they make him 6″ as he’s definitely not the same height as Yagami. Glam shots and info coming up!

Death Note – Light #216

Death Note Funko POPs

Death Note – Ryuk #217

Death Note – L #218

Death Note – L with Cake #219 (Hot Topic Exclusive) – Click me!

Official line from Funko

Light Yagami and the characters of Death Note are coming to Pop! vinyl!

Collect Light, who attempts to rid the world of crime; L, the detective; and Ryuk, the Shinigami!

You can also collect L with cake, available exclusively at Hot Topic!

Coming soon from Funko!

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One thought on “Little Black Book. Death Note Funko POPs! Coming May!

  1. I love the Hot Topic exclusive L, which is exactly what I was asking for with him being in a crouching position. And the cake is a nice bonus too. I probably wasn’t going to pick up the normal one, but I’m definitely getting the exclusive.

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