Monster Appetite. Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming June!

Relive that favorite time in your life when titans munched on little people for breakfast, it is of course the Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs!

Yes the second wave of POPs from this line is finally out, it’s taken a while but it was worth it don’t you think? From first impressions they are all pretty awesome, especially the titans! I think those two are a must have, that means we have 3 out of the 4 titans as 6 inch now. Sadly they didn’t release Eren Jaeger as a 6 inch titan back in wave 1, perhaps they will release him again? That is probably wishful thinking, but he is going to look out of place being the only small one. My favorite from the line is probably the Female Titan but .. Sasha is a pretty cute POP, what are your thoughts? Unless they release more at SDCC this year, this is probably the entire line that will be released for AoT this year. That includes the 3 exclusives listed below, which are all now on sale. Glam shots and info coming up!

Attack on Titan – 6″ Female Titan #233

Attack on Titan Wave 2 Funko POPs

Attack on Titan – 6″ Armored Titan #234

Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman #235

Attack on Titan – Annie Leonhart #236

Attack on Titan – Armin Arlelt #237 (FYE Exclusive) $14.99

Attack on Titan – Sasha Braus #238 (GameStop Exclusive) $11.99

Attack on Titan – Cleaning Levi Ackerman #239 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50

Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman Pocket POP

Attack on Titan – Annie Leonhart Pocket POP

Official line from Funko

Will the enormous walls protect humanity against the gigantic Titan humanoids?

The best way to survive is to join the Funko family!

Take Attack on Titan with you on the go! Levi and Annie are the perfect additions to your key ring!

This series features Levi and Annie as Pop! vinyl figures.

Beware as a Female Titan and Armored Titan have arrived as well, standing 6” tall!

Coming this Spring!

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