Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis! Coming May!

Enjoy all of your favorite heroes and villains new and old with the upcoming Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis!

What’s this, figures from the rarely seen Spider-Man line? Indeed it is. There has been plenty of Spider-Man POPs but the Spider-Man line in general is very under represented in the Funko world, what are your thoughts on this? Though i guess i’m talking more about the niche characters, growing up loving Spider-Man there are so many characters i want to see created. The main two are probably Black Cat and Spider-Woman which would be awesome, Croc, Rhino and others would be great too!

This Mystery Minis line is all about classic Spider-Man and has no links with the upcoming film, which is probably a good thing. You may also notice that there are 15 figures in the lineup, from what i know there will be 15 possibilities per box with exclusives replacing 3 of those. The only exclusives that have been revealed.. so far, is the Walmart exclusives. They will be getting UnMasked Spider Gwen, Hobgoblin and Iron Spider. Glam shot and info coming up!

Spider-Man – Mystery Minis Line

Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis

Official line from Funko

The web-slinging arachnid man and his various nemeses are coming soon as Mystery Minis!

Open the blind boxes to find a variety of spidey characters, including Spider-Man,
Spider-Gwen, and Scarlet Spider! You can also find iconic villains such as
Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Vulture!

Collect them all this spring!

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