Day: May 18, 2017

Control is an illusion. Mr Robot Funko POPs! Coming May!

Bring together your friends and save everyone from the invisible hand with the upcoming Mr Robot Funko POPs!

Save the cheerleader, save the world hm .. wait, wrong show. Save society with these POPs from the hit show Mr. Robot! You may remember we showed the concept art back in early February from this line in association with the London Toy Fair (Click here to see), but now we can bring you the full glam shots in all their glory. The only new addition from then is the Chase figure which we now know is Elliot, but this time with his hood up! I know, it’s a shocked change in the figure and personality, but someone had to do it. Kidding aside the POP line looks pretty fun, they got the characters likenesses down pretty well. I still haven’t finished watching the show though! Very busy as i’m sure you can imagine, but hopefully i can get around to it at some point as it seemed like my kind of show. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Mr. Robot – Elliot Alderson #477

Mr Robot Funko POPs

Mr. Robot – Hooded Elliot Alderson [Chase] #477

Mr. Robot – Mr. Robot #478

Mr. Robot – Angela Moss #479

Mr. Robot – Darlene #480

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Whole New World. New Aladdin Funko Dorbz! Out Now!

We take another trip down to a sandy place, no not that place! It is of course the Aladdin Funko Dorbz!

Luckily this time there are no exclusives involved, as i’m sure you may remember Jasmine and Abu were both Walmart exclusives. Though they were pretty easy to find surprisingly! That may just be me. I will definitely be getting all 4 of these guys, if i can .. as two of them may be slightly tricky to obtain. Of course you could just go to eBay, but where’s the fun in that? Certainly not fun for your wallet. My favorite from this line is probably the Genie Jafar, they’re pretty cool all in red. Rajah is a close second as they’re pretty cute!

There is something in this line that has never been seen before, and that is that Jafar is limited to 4,000 pieces. So far it has only really been Hot Topic limiting their Dorbz, but i guess that strategy has been working so well Funko has started their own limitations. And this is only the start! I’ve seen a few more Dorbz coming from Funko that will be limited, it’s not surprising really as people jump on these like crazy. Some Dorbz don’t sell 4,000 in their lifetime and end up in clearance, but giving it a sticker that says it’s limited makes people go crazy for it. So you go from .. clearance isle .. to selling out in seconds. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Disney’s Aladdin – Genie #337

Aladdin Funko Dorbz

Disney’s Aladdin – Jafar Genie [Chase] #337

Disney’s Aladdin – Rajah #338

Disney’s Aladdin – Jafar #339 (Limited 4,000)


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Toys R Us Exclusive Blackfire Funko POP! Out Now!

More Teen Titans fun with the upcoming Toys R Us Exclusive Blackfire Funko POP! I’m sure this POP will make a great friend for your Jinx .. if you have one, is it safe for them to team up? I wonder! The Teen Titans POPs are very fun in general, know my favorite one of them […]

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Can’t Go Back. Teen Wolf Funko POPs! Coming May!

Be wary of your next full moon as stepping outside may draw you closer to the wolf inside, say hello to the Teen Wolf Funko POPs!

You may remember back in early February when we first talked about Teen Wolf, this was when the first concept shots came out during the London Toy Fair (Click here to see). That all seems like an age away now! Today we have for you the full glam shots from the line, as far as i can tell they haven’t changed at all since then. Funko usually likes to strongly emphasize that the concept work doesn’t represent the final product, though this is just a thing they have to say as it usually doesn’t change from there. One thing i thought might happen is that they would add more characters to the line! But it seems not, so far at least, there’s always room for an exclusive or two. We will have to wait and see on that front as Teen Wolf isn’t the biggest show around really, what are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall #484

Teen Wolf Funko POPs

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall (Werewolf Form) #485

Teen Wolf – Stiles Stilinski #486


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You’re a Wizard. Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy! Coming May!

Are you a Wizard too? Well maybe not, but you can at least get a tiny bit closer with these upcoming Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy!

I’m sure if you’ve been following the Rock Candy line you’ll know this, and well i’ve mentioned it before too. But these are the first male figures in the Rock Candy line! I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to add male figures, and i can’t say i mind either way. What are your thoughts? It’s certainly true that the female characters are going to sell better, but you probably can’t leave the main characters out of the HP line. It’s no question i’m going to be getting these, firstly i’m trying to collect all the Rock Candy figures and secondly my wife is a huge Harry Potter fan. Taking that last one into account means these will probably mainly be hers when we get them! With even more POPs on the way in this line, it’s safe to say Harry Potter will continue to be prevalent in the Funko world. Glam shots and info coming up!

Harry Potter – Harry Potter with Hedwig Rock Candy

Harry Potter Funko Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley with Scabbers Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Luna Lovegood Rock Candy

Harry Potter – Bellatrix Lestrange Rock Candy


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Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis! Coming May!

Enjoy all of your favorite heroes and villains new and old with the upcoming Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis!

What’s this, figures from the rarely seen Spider-Man line? Indeed it is. There has been plenty of Spider-Man POPs but the Spider-Man line in general is very under represented in the Funko world, what are your thoughts on this? Though i guess i’m talking more about the niche characters, growing up loving Spider-Man there are so many characters i want to see created. The main two are probably Black Cat and Spider-Woman which would be awesome, Croc, Rhino and others would be great too!

This Mystery Minis line is all about classic Spider-Man and has no links with the upcoming film, which is probably a good thing. You may also notice that there are 15 figures in the lineup, from what i know there will be 15 possibilities per box with exclusives replacing 3 of those. The only exclusives that have been revealed.. so far, is the Walmart exclusives. They will be getting UnMasked Spider Gwen, Hobgoblin and Iron Spider. Glam shot and info coming up!

Spider-Man – Mystery Minis Line

Classic Spider-Man Funko Mystery Minis


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