Away for a couple of weeks! Don’t stop hunting while i’m gone!

I will be away for a little bit, leaving soon from now and should be back around May the 11th. Hopefully around then i can start posting again, if there is any news that is important and you want to share with other collectors then feel free to post it in the comments down below. I’m sure anyone who comes here will see it! There’s always a chance i will be able to post something while i’m away, but the internet where i’m going is very bad so we will see what happens. And then again posting won’t be a priority, but don’t worry i will be back in no time updating you with everything you need to know. Good luck in the meantime!

50 thoughts on “Away for a couple of weeks! Don’t stop hunting while i’m gone!

  1. Say it ain’t so….2 weeks….I hope the walgreens mace doesn’t come out….or did it….oh no….

    1. Walgreens says May 8th release. I’ll be checking the website as often as I can and I’ll post here if I see it.

      I have good luck on their website, I almost never go to the stores anymore. Even though 1 figure will end up costing $21 with tax and shipping it’s worth it instead of driving around to different stores in vain.

  2. Have a nice vacation!

  3. Speaking of Walgreens….anyone have an extra mint juggernaut pop for sale or trade? Thanks

  4. Only on ebay, looking for one myself….

  5. Ghost Rider Dorbz Ridez was live on Hot Topic but I don’t see it now.

  6. Blizzard’s overwatch exclusive pops have placeholder on their website now. Labeled with coming soon!

    1. Blizzard gave an update, saying July for their store exclusives.

  7. The great grape ape is available at the funko shop, not sure if it is this week’s release, usually I get an email telling me that there is a new item….link below…

  8. Pirates of the Caribbean pops hit hot topic here in Texas a couple days ago so keep and eye out

  9. For those looking for the Mace Windu Pop, he’s been popping up more frequently at Walgreens along the West Coast. Prob hitting rest of the country very soon.

  10. Some of the gravity falls wave hit my hottopic today again here in texas

  11. I got my Mace Windu today in the UK. I pre-ordered it from last week and excellent box condition but no Walgreens sticker obviously. I would reckon guys if you want Mace get it from here.

  12. Don’t give up on Mace Windu yet guys still showing up at local walgreens here in Texas

    1. Where in Texas are you?

  13. San Antonio

  14. A number of new POPs sets have gone up for preorder at local GameStop stores.

    -One Punch Man
    -Disney: Lion king
    -Heroes: Batman
    -Movies: Justice League
    -Movies: IT
    -Movies: Kingsman
    -Star Wars (R1 & E8)
    -Tv: Parks & Rec

    1. Thank you!! I went yesterday and pre-ordered the lion king set. Any word yet if mufasa, zazoo, or nala will be released?

      1. Lion King set?! Who’s included?

        1. Rafiki and Simba at least at GameStop, out in July

          1. Awesome thanks for the info!

      2. how did you preorder these?? I went online and didn’t find them. do you have a link or do you have to go to the store? sorry, guys, I’m new 🙂

        1. With most GameStop pre orders, you have to go to the stores

          1. Ok thanks!

    2. where is the link for star wars pops?


        Don’t have a link for E8 pops, just know GameStop has them for preorder.

        1. wow. I was thinking of an r1 droid unit not “rogue one”. I cant believe I missed that. yea I saw those, hope they aren’t exclusive but it looks like the death start droid might have a chrome version (Walmart or somewhere) like the death trooper. only time will tell.

  15. Funko just announced a new Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 pop that will be releasing later on Amazon only.

    1. It looks great. Too bad scalpers will buy up the stock, or Amazon will release it for sale during work hours…

      1. True, I hate when that happens. 🙁

  16. Adolescent Groot (Amazon Exclusive) now live for preorder!

  17. New at funko shop t-bone limited to 4000 pieces link below

  18. Hey everyone. Mace Windu is now live on Limit two per order. Good luck.

    1. 6 stores in my area, not a single one had Mace (or were all snatched up by jobless scalpers). Got lucky on the website.

  19. Mace is now sold out.

  20. Hot topic has some exclusives coming. Blue venom and flicked Marie from the aristocats.

  21. I hate walgreens

  22. Don’t you love the jobless scalpers, I have one here that stalks the hot topic by me, he will get there at 8am everyday waiting for there shipment, I gave up on the in store hot topic, the guy even bought all 30 of the cruela/ursula 2 packs cause he sold them all on a pre order on ebay, since he was the first in the door he was able too…leaving everyone else high and dry…

    1. It’s the worst. I just want ONE of these things to put on my shelf, and these sweaty, greasy assholes take all the fun out of collecting.

      What’s worse is an actual retailer that will presell chase figures for $50 because they know they’re obviously getting so many. How does Funko not crack down on this?

  23. When are you starting to post update for Pops again?

    1. Is that a Lord Beerus wearing fake glasses, nose, and mustache?

    2. Thanks for asking, and the answer is today!

  24. So I’m only a Disney animated pop collector (lame I know) but when are they going to start making more Disney pops!? It’s driving me crazy that they’re just not releasing any. There could be aladdin, abu, carpet, zazoo, nala, scuttle, Ariel in her sparkle dress, Eric, mufasa, Bernard, Bianca’s, to name a couple. And so many more. I’m needy and apparently selfish with my wants of Disney animated pops.

  25. I pre ordered 2 star lord chase pops from a Lloyds loot back in January for $35 each, still have not received them nor do they respond to my email….does anyone know any reputable companies to pre order from?

    1. If I want a chase I’ll usually order it through amazon. Or eBay.

  26. Beware of Amazon shipping. They clearly do not regard these as a collectible. Today a received the HotTopic Maleficent shipped in a box with a case of water. Curious who thought that was a good idea. I am typically an out of box collector but for $30 she is going back since the only way for them to have even fit her in was to squish the packaging.

    1. I’ve had to return so many Pops from Amazon, they usually arrive with boxes crushed or parts rattling around the box. Not even delivered with other items.

      But order from another website or a seller on eBay and they’re triple wrapped and arrive in perfect condition.

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