Funko POP News Micro Update 112.0

Will be posting less over the coming days as i have been very busy! And will be for a little while, going on vacation with my wife. I mean the POP hunt has to stop for a break sometime doesn’t it? Kidding, of course not! Regardless, i will be without (or very limited) internet between the 28th of April and May the 11th so you guys will have to survive without me .. somehow! After the 11th i will be visiting my family back in England for several weeks so you should see posts start to come back around then. Good luck! Here’s your micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. What’s this, the Walmart Exclusive Cable Dorbz? Yes one of them has finally been spotted, you know how long it takes Walmart to get these out but he should start popping up in stores over the next week so keep an eye out.
    1. Another shot of him here.
  2. A new Dorbz has been revealed for the Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie, there will be a Dorbz version of Tony Stark with hit Kitty Shirt.
    1. Also here’s a clearer image of another Stark POP coming soon.
  3. Funko confirmed via Twitter that there will be more POPs of Directors coming soon.
  4. In connection with the upcoming My Little Pony movie it seems they will be releasing new POPs to go along with it!
  5. Here’s a nice shot of the upcoming Chase Vault Boy.
  6. Walgreens has stated the Mace Windu exclusive POP will be released on the 8th of May.
  7. For the Hikari fans, Funko announced its latest Hikari which is the “Classic Blend” Huckleberry Hound.
  8. Funko released a teaser video for the next Disney Treasures Box, coming to you in June!
  9. Here’s an upclose shot of the soon to be released Golden Jack Sparrow, hitting stores on the 1st of May.
  10. Chase craziness, here’s a shot of the just released Dipper Pines and Finn Balor Chase POPs!
  11. The GOTG2 4 Packs have hit Costco in force to say the least.
  12. You may remember the Star Wars Celebration craziness recently, and Amazon’s exclusive of the Jabba and Salacious Plush 2 pack. Well it has been revealed that someone who ordered that 2 pack got a 3 pack instead, something never announced by Funko previously. It’s possible this version was never meant to be released, some say it could be a Chase version but it seems unlikely! Regardless it’s pretty cool, will have to wait and see if Funko responds with an official announcement about it.

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