Funko POP News Micro Update 111.0

How goes your week? I wonder, hopefully you managed to get all the SWC figures you wanted by now. Also i hope the Hot Cash sale hasn’t bankrupted you! Feel free to mention anything cool you may have gotten lately, here’s some micro Funko POP News! Well .. i say micro, but some days there is a lot of news so …

  1. The Target exclusive Qui Gon Jinn is now Qui Gone as they made a bit of a mess of the situation, after insisting it was in store only and then close to the day announcing it would be online to only change their mind again and say it won’t be. And then going ahead and randomly releasing it online 2 days later, a bit crazy! Good luck to those still looking for him.
  2. I recently updated a few of my Beauty and the Beast articles with links and the full ranger of POPs, Dorbz and so on that have been released over time.
    1. Beauty and the Beast POPs
    2. Beauty and the Beast Dorbz
    3. Beauty and the Beast Pocket POPs and Mystery Minis
  3. The very awesome 6″ D.Va POP from Overwatch has been spotted in west coast stores today, so only a matter of time till she hits the rest of the USA. Maybe even in time for Hot Cash? Keep an eye out and hopefully we’ll all find one.
  4. Still on the Overwatch subject Hot Topic released their Exclusive Mei POP online earlier today, she of course sold out quite quickly but she’s not limited and this is typical of Hot Topic to make people think she is rare .. to get people into their stores which causes a mass buying panic. But she’ll be back in stock online soon so don’t worry.
  5. The last bit of Overwatch news is that Blizzard have said the Exclusive Black D.Va with Meka AND Titanium Pharah will be for sale online (at the Blizzard store) in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled who knows if their other exclusives will also come out soon. Exciting news as Overwatch has some of the coolest POP designs out there!
  6. For any Cryptozoic fans keep an eye out for the FCBD Exclusive Mini Wonder Woman Bombshell figure.
  7. Still looking for that Life Size Groot POP? Well keep an eye out as they’ve been restocked and there are still plenty out there to find.
  8. LDW Collectibles have announced that The Mummy Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) POP has been canceled because of licensing problems. Though this is only a rumor right now, not official unless Funko confirms it.
  9. I know a few people have been looking for Soldier 76 GameStop Exclusive POP, well EBGames in Canada has restocked them at various stores so there is hope!
  10. Some of you have been looking for the Box Lunch Cash codes, well here you are!
    1. $15 off $30 = S8FXGBBD
    2. $25 off $75 = BLGIFT4U
    3. $45 off $90 = TSVBAGKV
    4. $75 off $150 = 5SRJDG4C
  11. The GameStop exclusive GITD Vulture are now hitting stores, the official release date is the 1st of May so good luck finding one if you didn’t have it pre-ordered!
  12. Funimation are going to have an Exclusive Dragon Ball Z 2 pack of Gohan and Piccolo.
  13. The Disney Parks Exclusive Jolly Roger Funko POP! Has been spotted at Disneyworld Orlando.
  14. There are a bunch of new POPs incoming, here is a list of interesting things.
    1. Disney Lion King – Simba
    2. Disney Lion King – Rafiki holding baby Simba
    3. WWE – Bayley
    4. WWE – Chris Jericho
    5. WWE – Million Dollar Man
    6. WWE – Million Dollar Man (Chase)
    7. WWE – Sasha Banks
    8. WWE – Iron Sheik
    9. WWE – Iron Sheik (Chase)
    10. Star Wars – Young Jyn Erso
    11. Star Wars – Galen Erso
    12. Star Wars – Death Star Droid
    13. Star Wars – Death Star Droid (Variant)
    14. Harry Potter – Harry Potter with Marauders Map
    15. Harry Potter – Hermione with Time Turner
    16. Harry Potter – Rob with Scabbers
    17. Harry Potter – Lupin
    18. Harry Potter – Ginny
    19. Harry Potter – Luna with Lion Head
    20. Harry Potter – Peter Pettigrew
    21. Horror – Carrie
    22. Horror – Carrie (Chase)
    23. Horror – Psycho
    24. Horror – Bride of Chucky
    25. Horror – Annabelle
    26. One Punch Man – Saitama
    27. One Punch Man – Genos
    28. One Punch Man – Lord Boros
  15. Episode 17 of the Funko Funkast (Podcast) is out! The title of this episode is Beep Bop Boop, which as you might tell is all about Star Wars.
  16. SWC News, Jon and Yoko give you a closer look at the Funko booth from the convention floor.
  17. Here the Funko staff at SWC give you the lowdown on their favorite POPs from the show.
  18. Funko releases a slightly spoilerish preview for the 40th Anniversary Smuggler’s Bounty Box.
  19. Spoiler Alert! Jon and Yoko give you a full unboxing of the GOTG2 April box from Collector Corps, hitting your doorsteps anyday now. Spoiler Alert!
  20. Alison from the Funko team does an unboxing and explanation of the just released Pirates Cove Disney Treasures box.
  21. On the subject of Hot Cash, if you’re an FNAF fan you might be interested in this Hot Topic exclusive action figure, a GITD Pirate Foxy.
  22. Hot Topics resident unboxer Nerdetter did another Periscope stream today, here’s some highlights for you.
    1. Their next 2 exclusive and limited Dorbz figures are Metallic Yondu and Flocked Cat in the Hat, both going live 9th of May.
    2. Flocked stitch exclusive Dorbz going live 8th of June.
    3. Fiery Maleficent POP coming out in mid May.
    4. The new Peter Pan POP also coming out mid May.
    5. Unmasked Spider-Man and Golden Jack Sparrow both coming 1st of May.
    6. New Sailor Moon and Kingdom Hearts POPs are a possibility.
  23. Funko ran their weekly Q&A session recently, here’s a few highlights for you.
    1. Kallus from Rebels Star Wars POP is coming.
    2. More prequel Star Wars POPs on the way.
    3. More NHL POPs.
    4. D23 (Disney Expo) exclusives will be revealed in June.
    5. More Stranger Things POPs.
    6. No Never Ending Story or Halo POPs, Funko has no licenses for those anymore.
    7. More Walking Dead POPs coming.
    8. Padme POP coming soon.
    9. Rory and Amy Pond POPs coming from Doctor Who.
    10. Last Jedi POP line being revealed in the Autumn.
    11. IT POPs coming.

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6 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 111.0

  1. Please tell me the Disney The lion king will also have nala and zazoo and mufasa. Oh my heart ❤

    1. Hi Michelle no news on that yet but i’m sure there will be plenty of new Disney POPs to go around!

  2. Any news on the Snowman Jack and Harlee Quin Demon POP’s that were shown on the back of Seated Sally and Behemoth pops? Any chance of bringing those up at the next Q & A?

    1. It’s hard to say, we can try bring those up but Funko are keeping tight lipped about them! Hopefully they don’t get cancelled, it’s possible they will be Convention exclusives for SDCC or NYCC.

  3. Ugh, went to a GameStop that had the Vulture exclusive. They rang it up but then said they couldn’t sell it until May 1st 😞

    1. That’s a shame, hopefully they let you put a deposit on it and held it for you ~

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