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GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box! Unveiled!

The next box of wonder is one its way very soon, the GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box!

Again as usual they are called Mystery Boxes but it’s common practice to reveal the majority of the contents before hand it seems, not that i mind too much. The contents of this box seems very fun! By the way, if you feel knowing the contents might be spoilerish then click away now! First we have Armor King which is very fun, in his usual armor and green and red eye coloration. Next my favorite of the group, a Rock Candy of Chun Li, very nice. Lastly there is a Pocket POP of Akuma.

But that’s not all, you didn’t think you’d get away with buying just one of these boxes did you? Oh no. GameStop wants you to buy many of these boxes, so the same as they did with the Black Friday box there will be rare variants of the figures inside. Again i’m going to guess that doesn’t include the Rock Candy, so you can have a selection of Chun Li’s to go with your Enchantresses. Official they say “Rare Variants” & a “Golden Figure”, this seems to mean there will be 1 Golden Figure and also variants of the POP. Now i’m assuming these will all replace the POP, it’s possible they won’t (hopefully) but likely they will. Also will this be different figures entirely or different versions of Armor King? We will have to wait and see! Feel free to share your thoughts below, glam shots and info coming up!

19th April Update: Today the box has been released! And we finally get to become witness unto the bountiful produce of the GameStop Knock Out box. How bountiful? Well i will let you decide that one. It seems all 3 of the items have a variant, that is definitely a step up from the Black Friday box where only the POP varied. So the benefit here is that if you buy multiple boxes at least you don’t have a mountain of the same things! I purchased 6 boxes myself so i will report back soon and reveal what i got, i mean it’s always possible there are more variants. I was originally planning to only get one but .. i’m really getting into Rock Candy so i wanted to get them all! Full reveal coming up!

Update 2: I opened up my boxes and got 5 regulars of each and 1 chase of each but no golden Chun Li sadly! So it seems the odds are 1 in 6 for the regular chases and either 1 in 12 or 18 for the golden Chun Li.

You can purchase the box online by clicking here!

Tekken – Grey Armor King #202 (GameStop Exclusive) 1:1

GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box

Tekken – Blue Armor King #202 (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:6 Chance

Street Fighter – Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) 1:1

Street Fighter – Pink Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:6 Chance

Street Fighter – Gold Chun Li Rock Candy (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:12 or 1:18 Chance

Read more to see more! Akuma Pocket POPs!

Street Fighter – Akuma Pocket POP (GameStop Exclusive) 1:1

Street Fighter – GITD Akuma Pocket POP (GameStop Exclusive) [Variant] 1:6 Chance

Note: Pictures of the variants come courtesy of Instagram user flygod407.

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8 thoughts on “GameStop Exclusive Knock Out Funko Mystery Box! Unveiled!

  1. Trying to collect all the Tekken POPS

    1. Good luck! If this box has variants or gold Tekken POPs that might be tricky, we’ll see what they have in store soon ~

  2. Will any of these Funko’s be sold separately in the future? I really like the Armor King Funko 😮

    1. Hiya, sadly i doubt it! Anything in a mystery box will only be sold inside a Mystery Box. Some GameStops will open them .. but that’s a very rare case.

  3. I bought 5, other one just sold when I got the… I got 3 of the 4 Chase ones: Blue Armor King, Glow Akuma and the Gold ChunLi.
    Guess the other box had the Pink ChunLi. So looks like a fresh case of 6 will certainly fetch you all 4. (Store only got one case of 6). Ya, it was a little cash, but happy with this case way more compared to the BF GameStop 2016 hose job.

    Your odds of one of the rare varient of the 4 are 66% per box with this random box. And least they are focused on just 2 fighting games instead of all over the place. If your a fan of both games (like me) might be worth it if you can get a non picked thru selection.

    1. Nice! You got very lucky with the Golden Chun Li ~ My store got a case of 6 too and i purchased them but no Golden Chun Li. So she must be 1 in 2 cases or 1 in 3 cases, not sure yet.

  4. I bought three boxes and got the Akuma chase. I was really just wanting the Rock Candies, and I got two blue Chun Lis and the pink. The idea that the odds are lower for the gold is a major bummer. People are already going scalp happy on eBay, listing it at $100 (which is absolutely ridiculous). I love the Rock Candy figures and am really bummed out that Funko is going variant happy on them like they did with Pops – I don’t want to spend a fortune to get figures I like.

    1. Hi Heather, i agree! Know i’ve been getting into Rock Candy and was hoping they wouldn’t make any too hard to get.

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