Target SWC 2017 Exclusive Holo Qui Gon Jinn Funko POP! In Stores Only!

Prepare for some mild disappointment with the illusive Target SWC 2017 Exclusive Holo Qui Gon Jinn Funko POP!

Target have decided at the last minute not to put them online for sale sadly, either there was some miscommunication or they just changed their mind. They quoted limited stock as the reason for the decision, one rep mentioned they only had 99 pieces to put online. So right now your best bet to find him is to get to your local Target early on Monday, that’s if they haven’t sold out already. Even though the street date was the 16th (17th because they’re closed on 16th) originally, stores were given the option of releasing them early which many did. But regardless, definitely check your stores and i’ve provided a BrickSeek link below to give you some indication of stock. If you need to make certain you can also phone your store up to double check, or put one on hold for you. Good luck finding him! I mean knowing Target they may eventually put him online anyway, they don’t seem to know exactly what’s happening themselves so i’ve provided a link to him on the Target website too. Glam shots and info coming up!

Update: Target again flip flopped on their stance and randomly released him online today with no warning, congrats to whoever managed to get one!

Star Wars – Holo Qui Gon Jinn #128 (Target / SWC 2017 Exclusive) $14.99 – Click me to see! (Not live)

Target SWC 2017 Exclusive Holo Qui Gon Jinn Funko POP

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9 thoughts on “Target SWC 2017 Exclusive Holo Qui Gon Jinn Funko POP! In Stores Only!

  1. Mild? This has been a pretty big disappointment. They didn’t limit the number that could be bought and now single people have cleaned out multiple stores. Poorly handled. Never should have changed their street date and just left it at the 13th.

    1. Indeed they should have, they made sure only (mostly) those who stalked Target stores got them as after they changed street date to 16th (why 16th as they’re closed on this day? Very strange) and then on the 14th they told their stores, actually you guys just release this POP whenever.

  2. Ugh. Well, now I’m not getting one of these. Fuck me for having a job, right? There’s literally 9 stores within 25 miles of me, 3 are already somehow sold out and the others will be bought out by greasy scalpers by 8:05am Monday.

    I don’t understand Funko’s reasoning behind so many store exclusives. They benefit NOTHING by having scalpers buy the one whole box they send each store.

    1. I agree Mike! I definitely would like one, but going to a store at opening hours is just not something that seems reasonable to me when you have a busy life.

    2. Perfectly said! I didnt know they were able to sell them friday. I got there so early today I waited a couple minutes to get in. There was a skew # tag on the shelf but not a damn thing in sight. Fuck these stock gobblers and their rape of the fun of collecting cool shit for OURSELVES.


    There’s a petition to stop target getting any more exclusives seeing as though they clearly cannot efficiently handle the high demand.

    1. I think that’s taking things a bit far, most stores can’t handle the high demand. FYE and Toys R Us have had numerous crashed websites for hours when they release something in high demand. They just have no idea what they’re doing with these things same as Walmart.

  4. Honestly, I hate how some people wipe out stores and then resell them online for higher prices (There’s already some Holo Qui Gon Jinn pops on Ebay for $45+). Target should’ve settled for a permanent date, or maybe Funko should have never made the exclusives shared. Maybe limiting them to one per customer would have been a better strategy. That was some bad planning.

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