Hot Topic Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy! Out Now!

Now you can get the wonderful Gal Gadot in figure form with the just released Hot Topic Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy!

Know when i first saw them reveal this i was very excited, if you’ve read the blog before you’ll know i’m a fan of the Rock Candy line. Have to say this one will be no exception! Though technically it will be my 4th Wonder Woman Rock Candy and soon 5th when her Amazon Rock Candy comes out, you can check out the full list at my Rock Candy page (click me). Of all of them this will probably be the best Wonder Woman variant, none of the others have her holding her sword and shield which is a big plus!

So what are your thoughts on this figure? I was thinking about waiting till Hot Cash started but .. Hot Topic are limiting her to 3,000 so i just got her straight away. I’d recommend the same to anyone who really wants her, to limit your regret and all. But either way i doubt she will sell out, 3,000 is a big number for a Rock Candy which is a new line. If it turns out they’re overstocked with her, just return her and pick her up again during the sale or with Hot Cash. Shots and info coming up!

Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman (Hot Topic Exclusive) $14.50 – Click me to buy!

Hot Topic Exclusive Wonder Woman Funko Rock Candy

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