Day: March 31, 2017

Just West of Weird. Disney’s Gravity Falls Funko POPs! Coming May!

Another line from another nonsensical show, their town is the only place you’ll find a rainbow dispensing gnome it’s the upcoming Gravity Falls Funko POPs of course!

Welcome to part 19 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

What’s this show about? Well like all of these animated shows, Bob’s Burgers, Rick & Morty and so on the main cast consists mostly of children. And like all of these shows they get up to insane things every episode! Even though it’s a bit formulaic they can be fun, i usually prefer the more comedic side to the wacky side. I may have to try Gravity Falls sometimes as i’ve never seen it, though from what i can tell it seems like a combination of child antics, investigative work and insanity.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure there’s people here who’ve seen it, so feel free to comment. One thing i can say is that i’m a fan of the POPs, they are some of the cutest i’ve seen! Mabel is probably my favorite, she has a cute design with the cheeks and the hair. I revealed that there will be a Hot Topic exclusive of her coming soon too, which is even cooler as she has a rainbow on her (apparently unicorn blood) which you can click here to see. Second to that the Chase Bill Cipher is fun, i do like the galaxy paint job they gave him. Glam shots and info coming up!

Gravity Falls – Dipper Pines #240

Gravity Falls Funko POPs

Gravity Falls – Fading Dipper Pines [Chase] #240

Gravity Falls – Mabel Pines #241

Gravity Falls – Grunkle Stan #242

Gravity Falls – Bill Cipher #243

Read more to see more! Chase Bill Cipher!


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