Funko POP News Micro Update 106.0

How’s your week been so far? Today i managed to find the new Walmart Exclusive Batmobile, also picked up 2 exclusive GITD She Hulk Rock Candy figures that i ordered. I usually get at least two as Walmart usually damages them, this time both were damaged so have to return these and reorder them. Here’s your micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Hot Topic now has a new rule where you can only buy 1 Chase POP (if you’re lucky enough to see 1 let alone 2) and also no returns on any Chases or POPs that have the possibility of a Chase.
  2. GameStop has made an announcement that they will be closing 3% of their stores, but at the same time will be opening 35 collectible stores and 65 technology stores.
  3. Pop on down to FPI to see some of the new releases they have, DC Classics, Death Note along with various exclusives you may have missed over here in the US.
    1. The same can be said for Dorbz, they have some of the new Fallout Dorbz and more.
  4. Here’s an out of the box shot of the awesome GameStop Exclusive Devil Jin.
  5. Are you a fan of The 100? Well here’s a real life shot of the upcoming Lexa Chase POP.
  6. Hot Topic just did a live Periscope video this time previewing some new awesome exclusives!
    1. First they showed and unboxed the new Retro Mystery Minis.
    2. Next they showed is the Hot Topic Exclusive Wonder Woman Rock Candy, they said she is limited to 3,000 pieces!
    3. They said Wonder Woman products are hitting on the 31st of March.
    4. Hot Topic Exclusive Rick and Morty Mystery Minis coming.
    5. Metallic Ursula limited Dorbz coming soon.
    6. Awesome and cute Unicorn Blood Mabel Hot Topic Exclusive.
    7. Hot Topic Exclusive Glitter Flying Peter Pan coming at the end of April.
    8. Lastly Nerdette and HT crew are doing a meetup at Wondercon.
  7. Keep an eye out for the next limited Dorbz from Hot Topic, the Metallic Ursula Dorbz! Hitting online only on the 12th of April, limited to 2,000 pieces.
  8. New Barnes & Noble coupon code, use “15SPRING” to get %15 off any item.
  9. GameStops are starting to receive their orders of Posh Tracer, make sure you try to track her down if you don’t have a pre-order.
  10. The upcoming Naruto Dorbz will have a Chase variant.
  11. Toys R Us are going to get an exclusive Dorbz 3 pack featuring Fluffy, Uni Goat and Agnes.
  12. Brian the CEO of Funko has stated that they are working on the best way to distribute the free Holo Freddy POPs to all those who voted for the TOTY awards.
  13. A few Walmart exclusives are back in stock!
    1. Star Wars POP Toys 3 Pack
    2. GITD Pink Ranger Dorbz
    3. Power Rangers Alpha 5 POP
  14. Funko has posted the last video in their Pirates Cove treasure hunt series.
  15. Here’s a teaser trailer for the upcoming Legion of Collectors box with the theme of “Wonder Woman”.
  16. Another teaser trailer for the Disney Treasures first box, pirates cove, it’s closing soon!
  17. Episode 14 has been released of the Funko Official Podcast! Featuring guests Yoko, Cameron and Sully this episode is named “Summer Cloaks”.
  18. Funko have announced that Funko products will now be available at Fred Meyer!

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13 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 106.0

  1. I guess I can understand limiting people to one Chase (though I don’t agree with it), but I don’t get the point of not letting people return POPs that have a Chase variant. Any idea what the reasoning behind that is?

    I’m not really a fan of Tekken, but that Devil Jin POP looks pretty cool.

    I guess I’m going to have to buy two Mabel POPs now, because that Unicorn Blood Mabel looks awesome. That’s from one of my favorite episodes, so I have to get it.

    1. I’ve not seen Gravity Falls before, but yes the unicorn blood one looks really awesome so i might get it regardless!

      The idea behind not letting people return chase possible pops is because people have been ordering 6. 12 and more of a single pop trying to get a Chase, after they get no chase or 1 chase they return the rest to a store in bulk.

      1. Ah okay, that makes sense. I didn’t know they were one of those stores that let you return stuff you bought online to a physical store, but now that I do I can understand why they’d do that.

  2. I don’t get what you mean by GameStop opening more collectable and technology stores. Would a collectable store be just selling collectables, not video games?

    1. Hiya, yes they’re opening store that does zero games and only things like funko pops and figures, t shirts and so on.

  3. Lexa!! Can’t wait, looks awesome.

  4. Thanks for the Lexa update. Any word on an Indra funko coming later? I remember seeing a rumor about that but nothing again after that first mention a few months ago.

    1. Hiya, you’re welcome! Not sure on Indra, they have taken her off the pre-order list so … she’s an unknown quantity right now, i will update if i hear anything.

  5. Wonder if there will be more Lexa pops – particularly one with her red sash!

    1. Possibly, i don’t think any more regular POPs are coming but there is room for exclusives still!

      1. Oh, that’s great news, I hope we get Lexa with her sash and shoulder guard since it’s her most iconic look! Thank you for answering and giving us updates 🙂

      2. OMG! Please make one with the red sash – if there is another edition! Lexa has lots of iconic look but the one with the red sash is the ultimate Lexa look in my opinion. 😀 Honestly, that look is the first one that crossed my mind when I first hear about Lexa Funko.

  6. Can’t wait to get my Clexa pops. I got the chase Lexa as well but what I wouldn’t give for a Lexa with the red sash, shoulder guard and her long black coat. That’s her most recognizable look. I wish they had gone with that as the chase figure or the non chase pop. The current chase figure is canon but the non chase pop isn’t canon since Lexa never wore warpaint or the forehead gear with that outfit. Looking online, it is clear that a lot of fans want that look as well. Hope they do make one and maybe grounder Clarke too.

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