Horsin’ Around. BoJack Horseman Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming Soon!

Update: Full glam shots have been revealed, click here to check them out!

With the help of the upcoming BoJack Horseman POPs you can have your very own anthropomorphic figures lounging around your house! Check out the BoJack Horseman Funko Concept Art!

Welcome to part 15 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

What is a BoJack, what is a Horseman? These are questions you might ponder with these POPs along with what is the meaning of life? None of which you will get an answer to, and no it’s not 42. BoJack Horseman is about a horse slash man person thing who’s name is .. BoJack Horseman. In this world there are humans who live alongside animals that have bodies similar to humans, yes it is confusing! He’s a a washed up TV star who was in a sitcom called “Horsin’ Around”, i guess you could draw similarities to Curb Your Enthusiasm? But it is a comedy show and not really meant to make much sense, so describing the plot is besides the point.

I will place a trailer at the end of the article so you can see for yourself! As it’s on its fourth season i’m going to have to assume it’s quite popular, so if anyone reading loves the show feel free to fill me in on any details i’m missing! The POPs seem pretty fun, definitely on point with the actual characters. You wouldn’t be mistaking these for just any typical person that’s for sure! What are your thoughts on their designs? I think BoJack will do pretty well as a POP, even with people who haven’t seen the show because .. he has a horse-head and horse-heads are popular in a weird way. Concept shots and info coming up!

BoJack Horseman – BoJack Horseman #?

BoJack Horseman Funko Concept Art

BoJack Horseman – Mr. Peanut-Butter #?

BoJack Horseman – Princess Carolyn #?

BoJack Horseman – Todd Chavez #?

BoJack Horseman – Diane Nguyen #?

Official line from Funko

Netflix’s BoJack Horseman is getting a fourth season this summer and a wave of Pop!s too!

You’ll be able to collect the washed up sitcom star along with his ghostwriter Diane, his rival Mr. Peanutbutter, his roommate Todd, and his ex-girlfriend and agent Princess Carolyn!

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