Attack on Titan. Female Titan 6 Inch Funko POP! First Look!

Update: Full glam shots and exclusives details have now been released, click here!

Heard anything about this Attack on Titan show? Probably not, you probably aren’t waiting for the second season either! But we’d thought we would show you this upcoming Female Titan 6 Inch Funko POP!

Ending sarcasm, of course you’re excited! I know i am, i certainly can’t wait for the second season. And yes, i did it, i put 6 inch Female Titan in the title, even though it sounds like something which isn’t child friendly. I’ll leave that to your minds! I wasn’t sure at first whether this figure would be 6 inches or just a regular sized POP, i know Eren Jaeger was only a regular sized POP. But luckily for us they decided to go big with this one, so i’m very excited to see what it looks like in person. Along with the rest of the line! No doubt the Female Titan will have an exclusive or Chase version, hopefully it’s more imaginative than just making her black and white. What characters are you looking forward to seeing? I wonder! I’ll post a list of the current known figures coming below. Shots and info coming up!

  • AoT Female Titan 6″ POP
  • AoT Armored Titan 6″ POP
  • AoT Annie Leonhart POP
  • AoT Annie Leonhart Pocket POP Keychain
  • AoT Levi Ackerman POP
  • AoT Levi Ackerman Pocket POP Keychain
  • AoT Sasha Braus POP (GameStop Exclusive)
  • AoT Armin Alert (FYE Exclusive)

Attack on Titan – 6″ Female Titan #233

Female Titan 6 Inch Funko POP

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6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan. Female Titan 6 Inch Funko POP! First Look!

  1. Omg, yay! I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for new Attack on Titan pops for forever!

    1. Me too! Definitely looking forward to the new series ~

  2. I’m excited that we’re finally getting a Levi POP! I was so disappointed that he wasn’t in the first wave of AoT POPs, but better late than never.

    I’ll only get that Sasha POP if it features her holding a potato.

    1. A potato? Well that would be interesting lol I probably would like a better version of Mikasa sometime, maybe in an action pose. A possible Hange Zoe ~

  3. Where I can get Female Titan??? 😀

    1. Soon! Maybe in May, we’ll have to wait and see!

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