Month: March 2017

Just West of Weird. Disney’s Gravity Falls Funko POPs! Coming May!

Another line from another nonsensical show, their town is the only place you’ll find a rainbow dispensing gnome it’s the upcoming Gravity Falls Funko POPs of course!

Welcome to part 19 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

What’s this show about? Well like all of these animated shows, Bob’s Burgers, Rick & Morty and so on the main cast consists mostly of children. And like all of these shows they get up to insane things every episode! Even though it’s a bit formulaic they can be fun, i usually prefer the more comedic side to the wacky side. I may have to try Gravity Falls sometimes as i’ve never seen it, though from what i can tell it seems like a combination of child antics, investigative work and insanity.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure there’s people here who’ve seen it, so feel free to comment. One thing i can say is that i’m a fan of the POPs, they are some of the cutest i’ve seen! Mabel is probably my favorite, she has a cute design with the cheeks and the hair. I revealed that there will be a Hot Topic exclusive of her coming soon too, which is even cooler as she has a rainbow on her (apparently unicorn blood) which you can click here to see. Second to that the Chase Bill Cipher is fun, i do like the galaxy paint job they gave him. Glam shots and info coming up!

Gravity Falls – Dipper Pines #240

Gravity Falls Funko POPs

Gravity Falls – Fading Dipper Pines [Chase] #240

Gravity Falls – Mabel Pines #241

Gravity Falls – Grunkle Stan #242

Gravity Falls – Bill Cipher #243

Read more to see more! Chase Bill Cipher!


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Funko POP News Micro Update 106.0

How’s your week been so far? Today i managed to find the new Walmart Exclusive Batmobile, also picked up 2 exclusive GITD She Hulk Rock Candy figures that i ordered. I usually get at least two as Walmart usually damages them, this time both were damaged so have to return these and reorder them. Here’s […]

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ManBearPig. South Park Wave 2 Funko POPs! Coming Soon!

Sadly no ManBearPig here for you! Not yet that is, but we do have the awesome South Park Wave 2 Funko POPs coming your way very soon!

Welcome to part 19 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

Finally we get to see Kyle and Stan, i did wonder why they didn’t include the main characters at least in the first wave. Also we have our second version of Butters now too! This time in his Professor Chaos outfit, maybe i’m just not a big enough fan of South Park to know who the popular characters are. Ike also got into the first wave, again wouldn’t be my choice but he is a pretty nicely designed POP integrating the Canadian aspect quite well! What characters would you be looking forward to? No doubt there will be exclusives and Chases when these hit the stores. Jesus would be a fun one, and perhaps Chef if that would be possible. Concept shots and info coming up!

South Park – Kyle #?

South Park Wave 2 Funko POPs

South Park – Stan #?

South Park – Professor Chaos #?

South Park – Terrence #?

South Park – Phillip #?


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Decepti0n. Borderlands Wave 2 Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming Soon!

Update: Full glam shots and exclusives have now been revealed, click me to see!

What is this, Borderlands? Another game on the pile of games that i have yet to play, but the POPs do seem fun! Come check out the Borderlands Wave 2 Funko Concept Art!

Welcome to part 18 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

As far as i can tell the designs for the wave all come from Borderlands 2, from the little research i did though feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. It’s safe to say there won’t just be these 4 coming out for the line, we already have news that GameStop will be getting an exclusive variant of Claptrap. I guess that’s one thing with Claptrap, he has so many outfits that it makes it easy for them just to do endless variants of him! That’s great, if you’re a Claptrap fan that is. I’m glad they did Mad Moxxi before, she’s definitely one of the more interesting looking characters. But what about these we have here? Well i have to say Tiny Tina is probably my favorite, what about yours? She has the most interesting and unique look, along with fun colors and accessories though Zer0 is a close second. Concept shots and info coming up!

Borderlands – Tiny Tina #?

Borderlands Wave 2 Funko Concept Art

Borderlands – Siren Lilith #?

Borderlands – Emperor Claptrap #?

Borderlands – Zer0 #?


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Life’s a Pic-a-Nic. Funko Shop Exclusive Yogi Bear POP Pack! Out Now!

Please try not to feed the bears, though you may not be able to resist with this one! Not that he needs the help, come take a look at the Funko Shop Exclusive Yogi Bear POP Pack!

Funko’s next Funko Shop exclusive is this trio from the classic show “Yogi Bear”, not the other suspects just yet. Two other potential releases are the Todd Ingram and the Great Grape Ape Funko POPs that were leaked some time ago, Todd being particularly sought after from how many have asked about him. Not surprising though, the whole Scott Pilgrim line has always been a limited one with the majority only released at conventions. You won’t have much trouble getting these guys though! With a production run as high as 5,000 they will be on the store for quite some time.

As for the POPs themselves i’m having a slight preference towards Boo Boo, he’s a very interesting design. Not just that he’s very cute! His size seems much smaller than the typical POP, so i would certainly like to see him in person. Another thing of note is that the stickers are red and green, these are the same exact stickers they used on all of the 12 days of Christmas released. Were these rejects from that release, or maybe they weren’t ready on time? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

Yogi Bear – Yogi Bear, Boo Boo & Ranger Smith set of 3 – $45.00 – Click me to buy!

Yogi Bear – Yogi Bear #187 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 5,000) $15.00

Funko Shop Exclusive Yogi Bear POP Pack

Yogi Bear – Boo Boo #188 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 5,000) $15.00

Yogi Bear – Ranger Smith #189 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 5,000) $15.00


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Where Life Begins. Westworld Funko POPs! Coming April!

Do these violent delights have violent ends? Well with the upcoming Westworld Funko POPs there isn’t too much violence, or any one would hope!

Welcome to part 17 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

These were certainly a popular showing, Westworld was a huge hit when it came to our screens last year and ever since then, of course, people have been clamoring for POPs from the show. It usually takes a good while for POPs to come out, even for a popular TV series, but they certainly worked quick on this one! From what i saw of it i liked the show very much, it was very interesting and i love Anthony Hopkins. I’ll have to try and get my wife to start watching it again! There were some things in the show she didn’t like, which usually means the end of us watching a show!

Do we have any fans of the show here? I wonder .. or perhaps those who don’t like it, either way feel free to say. From what i did see of the show Dolores was probably my favorite character thus far, and i do like the POP they did of her. It captures her very well in her unmistakable blue dress, i want to like Teddy more but as with any POPs if they don’t have anything unique or bright and distinguishing they end up looking more generic. What are your thoughts? Glam shots and info coming up!

Westworld – Dolores #456

Westworld Funko POPs

Westworld – Teddy #457

Westworld – Maeve #458

Westworld – Man in Black #459

Westworld – Dr. Robert Ford #460

Read more to see more! Bernard and Young Ford!


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Wasteland Wonder. Mad Moxx Funko Rock Candy! Out Now!

Take yourself back to the wasteland, back to the Underdome Riot with the newly released Mad Moxx Funko Rock Candy! Including a special Red Chase version.

Welcome to part 16 of our New York Toy Fair series, chronicling all the revelations Funko has made during the 2017 event.

What’s this, the first ever Chase version of a Rock Candy? Well hopefully that doesn’t become too common, or at least i hope they don’t do store exclusive Chases. I’m a big fan of the Rock Candy line so naturally i would like to collect them all, i suppose one Chase (for now) isn’t too bad. Though i’m sure more are coming! This is probably one of my favorite Rock Candys so far, as we any figure they always look best when the original character is interesting. And this one is very much so, an over the top outfit, makeup and colors give you lots of identifying features to work with for this one. What are your thoughts? The Chase rarity as with all Funko products currently is still 1 in 6, good luck finding her. Glam shots and info coming up!

Borderlands – Mad Moxxi Rock Candy

Mad Moxx Funko Rock Candy

Borderlands – Red Mad Moxxi Rock Candy [Chase]


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