Walgreens Exclusive Unmasked Gwenpool Funko POP! Out Now!

An unbelievable friend has come to join your world, the Walgreens Exclusive Unmasked Gwenpool Funko POP!

A possible rival to Deadpool perhaps? Though despite the name Gwenpool has no relation to Deadpool, they are in no way affiliated aside from a slight name similarity. Gwenpool originally came from an amalgamation of Gwen Stacy (Spider Gwen) and Deadpool for a cover variant, so at the time she was just meant to be an interesting cover design. But apparently her likeness became quite popular! And it’s not hard to see why, Deadpool is a very popular character to begin with so a more feminine version certainly couldn’t hurt, she became a cosplay favorite.

This variant is probably my favorite of the 3, they are all cool but it’s nice we get to see her face and hair. The hair has a cool added feature of the pink dye on the tips, which overall makes her a more desirable figure. In my opinion anyway, what about yours? Which is your favorite. Glam shot and info coming up!

Marvel – Unmasked Gwenpool #213 (Walgreens Exclusive) $9.99 – Click me to buy!

Walgreens Exclusive Unmasked Gwenpool Funko POP

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