Barnes and Noble Exclusive Dustin Funko POP! Out Now!

The mysterious Barnes and Noble Exclusive Dustin Funko POP is now out!

I say mysterious, but only because there are no proper looks at this POP. Funko never released a glam shot and neither has Barnes and Noble, so all we have is part of a shot from when the full collection was posted on Twitter. Hopefully we’ll get some proper looks at him soon! As far as i can tell it’s just him in his other outfit, see here for this original outfit (click me). And here’s a shot of him in his brown coat, white t shirt outfit which is what the POP is of as far as i know (click me). So what are your thoughts on this variant, are you planning on collection the whole Stranger Things line? Know i’m looking forward to Season 2 at least. Shot and info coming up!

Stranger Things – Dustin #424 (Barnes & Noble Exclusive) $9.95 – Click me to buy!

Barnes and Noble Exclusive Dustin Funko POP

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