New Disney and Star Wars Funko Lanyards! Coming April!

Adding to your Lanyard collection? Check out these Disney and Star Wars Funko Lanyards!

Well, i say Lanyard collection, but i don’t know anyone who collects them as of yet. But i’m sure in the vast collecting world that there is, a good many people probably do! Collecting aside, i will probably get at least one of these for general use at conventions and so on. I’m definitely enjoying the Disney ones! Especially Belle, that is one of the most awesome Lanyards i’ve seen for sure. Something about the design clicks with me, what is your favorite? Know i’ve never seen these in stores, so to get them will probably have to stop by some more specialist Funko shops online. Glam shots and info coming up!

Disney’s Ariel – Funko Lanyards

Disney and Star Wars Funko Lanyards

Disney’s Belle – Funko Lanyards

Disney’s Maleficent – Funko Lanyards

Star Wars Rey – Funko Lanyards

Star Wars Chewbacca – Funko Lanyards

Official line from Funko

Join the Rebel Alliance with Star Wars Lanyards!

Choose from Chewbacca, the legendary wookie warrior, and Rey, the Jakku scavenger!


Add some classic Disney flair to your day with Disney lanyards!

Choose from princesses Ariel and Belle, or Maleficent, the mistress of all evil!

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