Heaven or Hell. Death Note Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming May!

Update: Full glam shots and exclusives have been revealed, click here for details!

Do you have a little black book? You might be interested in the upcoming POPs with the Death Note Funko Concept Art!

Welcome to part 22 of our London Toy Fair series!

This line is pretty fun, i’m mainly excited to see Ryuk and what they do with him. He’s pretty big so it would make sense for him to be a 6 inch POP, but i’m not sure if they will go that route. Also he has a lot of intricate details so there’s plenty of room there for Funko to do something ┬áspecial, we’ll have to wait and see. Death Note is one of the few Japanese live action films i’ve seen, i’ve not read the manga or seen the Anime though. What i remember of the film is that it was pretty awesome, both the first and second. I even hear they’re doing a remake for this year, not surprising as Death Note has taken so many forms over the years. What are your thoughts on the line? Concept shots and info coming up!

Death Note – Light #?

Death Note Funko Concept Art

Death Note – Ryuk #?

Death Note – L #?

Official line from Funko

We are excited to bring more anime titles into the mix – Death Note POPs!

Here’s your first look at their concept art!

Coming in May 2017!

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5 thoughts on “Heaven or Hell. Death Note Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming May!

  1. The movies aren’t terrible, but they really don’t do the story as much justice as the anime and manga do. They had to condense a lot to fit the plot into two 2-hour movies (I’ve only seen the two original live-action movies, not the spin-off or the new one that just came out last year), including cutting out one of my favorite characters from the series (Teru Mikami).

    Light is the only one of my favorites out of these POPs, so I hope they make some more so I can get my other two favorites (Misa Amane and the aforementioned Teru Mikami), I do agree that Ryuk should be a 6 inch POP since he’d look pretty weird standing next to the other characters being the same size. And I kinda wish they had L in his sitting/crouching position since that’s the way we usually see him (and it’d just be cool to have another POP not in the standard standing position),

    1. I don’t usually read Manga, but i had been trying to watch the Anime, it’s just in the never-ending pile of things to watch! It would be cool to see a Misa POP, and maybe of L sitting awkwardly on a chair or something. Starting the new Funko POP furniture line! lol Some scenes Ryuk seems like he’s towering over Light and others a bit closer to his size, so i’m not sure if they specifically say how big Ryuk is anywhere .. but definitely not the same height as Light.

      1. I’m not a big manga person myself, so I’ve only seen the anime. I usually watch most of my anime dubbed, but I checked out the first episode of Death Note back when it was only available subbed and I was so hooked on it that I watched it all the way through (and I loved it so much that I ended up watching the whole show again once it was available dubbed).

        Haha, #1 in the Funko POP furniture line definitely has to be the couch from The Simpsons!

        1. That sounds good, i think my favorite Anime so far are Mai Hime, Gunslinger Girl, Cowboy Bebop and Lelouch Rebellion .. if that’s how it’s spelt. There’s a lot of pick from, i always watch in Dubbed, a lot of purists always say how bad the English dubbing is compared. But always seemed strange to me as everyone who said that didn’t speak Japanese, it’s mainly good as with subs you’ll miss something if you have to take your eyes away and you can’t focus on the animation either.

          I think a Funko Props line would do pretty well, same as POPs with the low price and reasonable detail i think they’d catch on.

          1. Haven’t seen Mai Hime or Gunslinger Girl, but Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorites and I enjoyed Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. There really is a lot to choose from, so I doubt I’ll ever get around to watching everything I’m interested in.

            If I have the option I’ll usually watch a show dubbed with the subtitles on, but if I have to choose between one or the other then I’ll go with dubbed. I’ve never understood that myself about the purists. How can they be so sure that the English dubbed version is bad compared to the original Japanese when they don’t even speak Japanese themselves (and of course if they did, they’d have no need for dubs or subs)? To each their own, but that has always struck me as a bit illogical.

            I also think a Funko Props line could work as long they do a good job of choosing iconic props to introduce into the line.

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