Iron Fist Tournament. Tekken Funko POPs! Coming March!

Who will be the king of the Iron Fist Tournament? Tekken Funko POPs coming soon!

Welcome to part 17 of our London Toy Fair series!

Very excited for these POPs, probably even more so than Street Fighter! I played Street Fighter a lot back in the days of SF2 on the Mega Drive (Genesis) but that was a long time ago, i have much better memories of Tekken on the PS1 and later. Tekken was simply awesome and a breath of fresh air when it came out, Tekken 3 being my favorite of the series. As for my favorite of the line, well .. Nina is looking pretty cool but i’ll have to go with Kazuya, the look and those gloves are so classic. Looking forward to more in the future! They certainly have to do Yoshimitsu, Eddie Gordo and Marshall Law. And where’s Paul Phoenix? Glam shots and info coming up!

Tekken – Heihachi #171

Tekken Funko POPs

Tekken – King #172

Tekken – Jin Kazama #173

Tekken – Nina Williams #174

Tekken – Kazuya #175

Read more to see more!

Tekken – Jin Devil #176 (GameStop Exclusive)

Tekken – Young Heihachi #200 (GameStop Exclusive)

Official line from Funko

Funko Pop! Games now includes
the legendary fighting game Tekken!

Choose between Heihachi, Tekken King,
Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, and Kazuya!

Coming March 2017!

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