Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz! Coming June!

Get ready for a big adventure with the upcoming Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz!

Welcome to part 16 of our London Toy Fair series!

Your favorite 80’s character is finally getting a figure of their own, not a POP but a Dorbz! For now .. maybe he will get a POP in the future. I’m sure most people remember this character whether you’re from the USA or not, he’s has many shows and films .. most kid friendly and some not so kid friendly. This is because he started off doing a more adult orientated show, the child friendly stuff came later. Are you excited for this Dorbz? I wonder. He comes with his iconic grey suit and red bow tie, a Dorbz or POP ride with him on his Bicycle would be pretty awesome for sure. Glam shot and info coming up!

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday – Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz 304?

Pee Wee Herman Funko Dorbz

Update: A full glam of his Dorbz is now available!

Official line from Funko

Pee-wee Herman joins the Dorbz family!

You wouldn’t sell this Dorbz for all the money in the world!

Not for a hundred million, trillion, billion dollars!

(Note: Concept artwork not final)

Coming in June 2017!

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