Funko POP News Micro Update 68.0

Happy Monday! Don’t go too crazy at work, settle with some micro Funko POP News!

  1. For power up rewards members at GameStop, you will get buy 1 get 1 50% off on all POPs on the 11th of Feb!
  2. Anyone going to ECCC 2017? Well the lottery for Funko items opened today! Make sure you’re signed up.
  3. Another ECCC exclusive has been revealed! A 2 pack from Rick and Morty featuring Buff Rick and Buff Summer! Go check out our ECCC page for the details.
    1. The back also revealed upcoming Rick and Morty POPs as follows. (All we reported already except for Squanchy)
      1. Weaponized Rick
      2. Weaponized Morty
      3. Mr. Meeseeks
      4. Squanchy
      5. Birdperson
      6. Mr. Poopy Butthole
    2. These were revealed by co creator and voice of Rick and Morty; Justin Roiland. Feel free to check out his twitter here!

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