This Might Hurt. Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming 2017!

Update: As of the 28th of March 2017 the full glam shots have been released! Click here to go straight to that article.

Lose your mind with the upcoming brand new POPs, check out the Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art!

This is part 8 of our London Toy Fair series, showing you all the POPs coming up in 2017! Here we have concept work for MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf”, where as you might guess a teenager becomes a wolf. Surely not spoilers! From what i know this has become a fairly popular show for MTV, and what i know mostly comes from my wife who loves Teen Wolf. Though she is a big fan of Teen Fiction, so if you’re into that then Teen Wolf is probably for you! It hasn’t been too long since MTV got into the TV game seriously, but they have had some good shows of late so I may try and watch it sometime, what are your thoughts on this line? Concept shots and info coming up!

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall #?

Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art

Teen Wolf – Scott McCall in Wolf Form #?

Teen Wolf – Stiles StilinskiĀ #?

Official line from Funko

The pack is here! Introducing Pop! Television’s newest addition, Teen Wolf!

Coming in 2017!

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10 thoughts on “This Might Hurt. Teen Wolf Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming 2017!

  1. OMG I am so happy funko is doing teen wolf pops it’s my all time favourite show I was wondering if there would be any exclusives and if there would be more than three in the set?

    1. No news yet! More info should be coming soon so stay tuned ~

      1. Thank you can’t wait

  2. So your wife likes teen wolf, has she been currently watching season 6 the last season?

    1. Yes she loves it! And i’m not sure, i think she watched up until the end of season 5.

  3. That’s so cool I see you have based the teen wolf pops on season 3 because of what they are wearing. Was that because season 3 got 100% on rotten tomatoes or couldn’t you start with the new season because it’s not finished yet not like it matters I love how you have started with season 3 P.S your wife is awesome by the way and tell her to check out season 6 if she can it’s awesome

  4. Are those the only teen wolf characters? I was hoping for a Stiles and Derek one! šŸ˜€

    1. So far! They probably will announce more later like exclusives and chases.

  5. When will they be released? I have been waiting for ages

    1. Hi Joe, no news yet! You’ll see it here when we find out !

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