Survival isn’t Who You Are. The 100 Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

In part 6 of our London Toy Fair series we take a look at The 100 Funko POPs!

Here we have concept artwork for the upcoming 100 Funko POPs! From the hit CW show, know this show have been pretty popular especially in the teen demographic. Many people have been excited for these POPs, i get messaged often about them especially Lexa. Lexa seems to be .. very popular. I haven’t finished watching the show yet myself, back when it started i watched halfway through season 1 but haven’t watched any since! It’s on my very long list of things to watch. One thing that wasn’t revealed is the Indra design, as far as i know there will be an Indra POP, she will probably be exclusive. What are your thoughts about this line? Concept shots and info coming up!

The 100 – Clarke Griffin #?

The 100 Funko POPs

The 100 – Bellamy Blake #?

The 100 – Lexa #?

The 100 – Octavia Blake #?

The 100 – Lincoln #?

Read more to see more! Raven Reyes

The 100 – Raven Reyes #?

Official line from Funko

The 100 joins Pop! Television!

Collect your favorite Sky People and Grounders from The 100!

Coming in 2017!

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2 thoughts on “Survival isn’t Who You Are. The 100 Funko POPs! Coming 2017!

  1. I think you should get Raven and Belamy skin tone right, they’re not White and Bellamy has freckles.

  2. Can’t wait for Lexa, Clarke, Raven and Octavia!!

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