Disney’s Inside Out Bing Bong Funko Dorbz! First Look!

Who’s your friend who likes to play? That’s right it’s the upcoming Disney’s Inside Out Bing Bong Funko Dorbz!

It wasn’t long ago that Funko announced during their Toy Fair leaks that there would be a Sadness and Joy Dorbz, and only last week (click here) when we revealed there would be a Bing Bong Dorbz too. But luckily for us now we get to see it! In all its glory, or him/her? I guess due to the male voice actor you would have to assume Bing Bong was a He but who knows really. Regardless, he’s a pretty awesome Dorbz with some interesting features. As far as i know there hasn’t been a Dorbz thus far who has such a .. elongated feature .. on their face that is. But buses do come all at once, and soon we will have another with the Dorbz XL Horton. Though he is a different topic all together, shots and info coming up!

Disney’s Inside Out – Bing Bong Dorbz #296

Disney's Inside Out Bing Bong Funko Dorbz 296

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