Borderlands Mad Moxxi Funko Rock Candy! First Look!

Come get your first peak at the awesome Mad Moxxi Funko Rock Candy from the game Borderlands!

Borderlands? Well that’s a fun game, one that I’ve still been meaning to complete. Though to be honest the list of games i need to complete, or even start in the first place is a pretty long one! Regardless, i’m certainly looking forward to this Rock Candy. I have both POPs of her and they look great, she has a pretty unique and interesting design. So it will be fun to grab her in Rock Candy form! I’ve been getting into them more than other Funko lines recently .. they’re pretty fun so i hope they keep going strong. Of note is that there is a Chase version of this Rock Candy, the first Rock Candy to get a chase! What will it look like? Well the POP variant is her in red so .. i’m thinking that, but we’ll see. Shots and info coming up!

Borderlands – Mad Moxxi Rock Candy w/Chase

Mad Moxxi Funko Rock Candy

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