Day: January 29, 2017

Funko POP News Micro Update 60.0

Greetings on the 60th micro¬†Funko POP News! Hope you’re enjoying, no real news yesterday, what do we have today? Enter this survey for a chance at winning a Prototype Funko product! According to MayTheFunkoBeWithYou, Walgreens will be getting Star Wars Mystery Minis within 1 to 2 weeks. Awesome Funko artist from Instagram “@shannaduncanart” gives us […]

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Borderlands Mad Moxxi Funko Rock Candy! First Look!

Come get your first peak at the awesome¬†Mad Moxxi Funko Rock Candy from the game Borderlands! Borderlands? Well that’s a fun game, one that I’ve still been meaning to complete. Though to be honest the list of games i need to complete, or even start in the first place is a pretty long one! Regardless, […]

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Pickles? Nicktoons Rugrats Funko Concept Art! POPs Coming 2017!

Update: Full glam shots including Chases have been revealed, click me to see!

In part 5 of our Toy Fair series we introduce the Nicktoons Rugrats Funko Concept Art!

Another Nicktoons classic show, and certainly one many have been wanting in POP form. That’s why most of the best selling POPs are from things in the past, people do love nostalgia. So far there is only concept art of Tommy, Chuckie and Reptar but you can be sure there will be more! I doubt they will release without Angelica and probably a 2 pack of Phil and Lil, what do you think? I’m liking the designs so far, i think i’m mainly looking forward to .. Reptar! He has a cool design, and is quite memorable from the show. Concept shots and info coming up!

Rugrats – Tommy Pickles #?

Nicktoons Rugrats Funko Concept Art

Rugrats – Chuckie Finster #?

Rugrats – Reptar #?


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