Morphin Time. Power Rangers Funko Pint Size Heroes! Out Now!

Get ready to go crazy on exclusives with the Power Rangers Funko Pint Size Heroes!

For the first time ever a product will have 4 separate releases, we’re talking about Mystery Minis, Pint Size Heroes and so on. These Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes will have exclusives released at GameStop, Walgreens and Walmart! If exclusives didn’t drive you crazy enough already, especially for completionists. Sometimes in these scenarios it’s hard to find the basic ones, this is because your favorite place will usually only stock their exclusives. This is usually the case with Mystery Minis for me! But .. a silver lining with these, the base set seems to be 100% available in every box, so that’s sometimes. Will you be grabbing these? I wonder. Glam shots and info coming up!

These ones below are in every box!

  1. Red Ranger
  2. Yellow Ranger
  3. Blue Ranger
  4. Black Ranger
  5. Green Ranger
  6. White Ranger
  7. Pink Ranger
  8. Alpha 5
  9. Goldar
  10. Rita Repulsa
  11. Putty Soldier
  12. Metallic Blue Ranger

Power Rangers Funko Pint Size Heroes

Walmart Exclusives Below!

  1. Zordon
  2. Unmasked White Ranger
  3. Unmasked Yellow Ranger
  4. Metallic Red Ranger

Walgreens Exclusives Below!

  1. Unmasked Black Ranger
  2. Unmasked Pink Ranger
  3. Unmasked Green Ranger
  4. Scorpina

Read more to see more! GameStop exclusives and un-boxing video.

GameStop Exclusives Below!

  1. Unmasked Red Ranger
  2. Unmasked Blue Ranger
  3. Finster
  4. Lord Zedd

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22 thoughts on “Morphin Time. Power Rangers Funko Pint Size Heroes! Out Now!

  1. Hi, it’s January 30th, and I have been searching every Walmart, Walgreens, Game Stop, etc, in my area looking for the Power Ranger Pint Size Heroes, and haven’t been able to find any. One Hot Topic said they had one box for about a week; a Game Stop told me they were cancelled. Have they been discontinued already, or should I keep searching and waiting? Thank you!

    1. Discontinued? Oh not at all, they’re everywhere, someone must have bought them all where you are. Or they haven’t got them in stock yet, keep checking!

      1. Thanks for letting me know you’re finding them. I mean, I’m in Phoenix AZ, checking both sides of the Valley, every place I can think of, and there’s nothing but Five Nights at Freddie’s and DC Heroes. Not even placeholder tags on the shelves. /sigh I hit five Walmarts and three Walgreens in one day, and nothing. I even ended up placing a preorder for a case online, and nothing’s moving there, either.

        Just out of curiosity, in Walmart, where is the display located? I’ve been looking in the toy/action figure aisles, and up front where some of the other collectibles are.

  2. Definitely pint size heroes of each of the seven original zords including an exclusive megazord hero

  3. I have found them in Gamestop and Walgreens in the midwest, but not in Walmart…I have no faith in Walmart so it stinks they get exclusives. Walmart employees don’t know anything about the products and don’t want to help either….sigh :/

    1. I know what you mean Kevin! Walmart are terrible for those trying to find Funko products. They should be getting better though, Funko will be taking more control of their Funko sections so here’s hoping! Mine has got a better Funko section now, but still they leave a lot of stock in the back and have no idea what i’m talking about when i try and get them to find something.

  4. I found them at 4 Walmarts and 5 Walgreens in San Diego, CA.

    1. Where in Walmart did you find them what section?

  5. Do you mind sharing which Walmarts in SD you found them at?

    1. I’ve not seen them yet myself! Walmart is being slow with them.

  6. Anyone in Kentucky find these at a Walmart???

  7. Just want to check in. I’ve found them at Barnes & Noble, Game Stop, and Walgreens in Tempe, AZ, Walgreens in Tucson, AZ, Game Stop in Glendale, AZ, but nothing at Walmarts yet. I did find how to use Brickseek, though, so I may try checking some of the Walmarts near me that claim to have less than 24 in stock (I would hope that means they have the box actually out on display). I was surprised to see one of the Walmarts has ALL their Funko locked up; that would put a damper on taking your time and feeling the bags to find what you want. Also, at both the Walgreens, I found a lot of empty bags on the peg.

    1. Hi Jennifer, indeed i have that issue at Walmart where many bags have been opened and stolen. That is an issue! I still haven’t seen any Pint Size Power Rangers at any of the Walmarts near me, Walmart are just being slow to release them probably. Along with the Belle POP, soon hopefully!

  8. Still waiting to get them in Wal-Mart’s in the midwest…any update on if they’re backed up on shipping or walmart putting them out? It’s almost April and they were released in January…

    1. I know! Very frustrating, they should be coming .. someday, as far as i know they’re still coming just Walmart is taking their time.

  9. The latest update I heard from my Wal-Mart is after using the upc from brick seek in Wal-Mart’s system it’s cross referenced with the Spider-Man pint size heroes so they won’t get anymore in stock (hence power rangers) because they have 2 full boxes of Spider-Man… :/

    1. That’s possible! Though then again mine has no Spiderman or Power Rangers. You could try buy them all and see what happens! lol But either way i guess we just have to wait, there not going anywhere so i wouldn’t worry about missing them.

  10. Any updates from anyone? Still hunting in the midwest…very frustrating.

    1. Hiya, not seen any still ! No sign in Ohio of them.

  11. I finally found some in a Walmart in Maricopa, AZ. Got my Zordon! A Walmart I went to in Phoenix had 4 bags: 2 open and empty, one open and full, one sealed. All 4 were hidden in amongst a LOT of other opened and loose bags. 🙁 Maricopa had nearly a full box; I was careful, felt the bags, found a Zordon and an Unmasked Trini, and put the rest back in the box. I think this Walmart was better-monitored. An employee checked the aisle three times while we were there!

    1. Hi Jennifer, glad you finally found them! That’s great to hear. I know what you mean, in Walmart and Toys R Us near me there’s so many empty and open bags, a lot of stealing going on. I hope they get the power rangers psh near me soon!

  12. Walmarts in my area (NE Ohio/GL region) FINALLY started stocking these just two weeks ago….

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