Disney Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs! First Look!

Before the Toy Fair news starts, we have something special for you, the first look at the Disney Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs!

Truth be told, these probably excite me more than anything in the Toy Fair reveals! Mainly because i love Disney and Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games of all time, and i’m sure it’s the same for many of you out there. Hopefully in the future we’ll see more than just Disney characters from the line, perhaps Sora and even some Final Fantasy characters which would be amazing. It’s no doubt that this line will do well, you have a combination of POP fans, Disney Fans and Game fans alike who will want these! And there’s plenty more to come, GameStop have an Exclusive Goofy POP coming and i’m sure other stores will have their own. What are your thoughts for these POPs? Shots and info coming up!

Kingdom Hearts – Mickey #261

Disney Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs Mickey 261

Kingdom Hearts – Goofy #263

Kingdom Hearts – Donald #267 (Hot Topic Exclusive) $12.50

Kingdom Hearts – Donald Pocket POP Keychain

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32 thoughts on “Disney Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Funko POPs! First Look!

  1. Mickey’s keyblade is upside down, Goofy is supposed to be right handed, and Donald is wearing the wrong outfit. also WE NEED THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS!!!

    1. I know! But sadly they won’t be coming anytime soon ~ there will be a castle outfit and regular outfit for both donald and goofy.

      1. They will be coming out in sometime in 2018 or 2017

        1. This year, in March i would guess!

          1. do you know anywhere that we can pre order – seen comments else where about people pre ordering them – i cant find anything… unless im being dumb

          2. You can’t pre-order these ones, maybe you can pre-order some at GameStop but it depends if their system lets you.

  2. I wonder where you got these. The glamshots look different than normal (top of the box is a bit open) and there’s no Pop! Games or Pop! Disney, just Pop!. Also, we never get glamshots from the back, why would we get them now?

    And then there’s the things Ultimate Protagonist says as well.

    I know Kingdom Hearts pops are coming, but these posted here seem highly likely to be fake for now.

    1. I got them with my magic powers!

  3. Geo Omnio Dacasin

    1. Ik I saw donald and goofy as well

  4. Have you taken notice of the numbers in the collection??? 261-263-267, they usually come out in packs of the same theme/game/ect, so we’re missing numbers 262-264-265-266 at least.

    1. Indeed these are only 3 of a few ~

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Mickey is #261, Goofy is #263, & the Hot Topic Donald is #267? So that means we will atleast be getting seven or more in this line!

    1. Yes there are many more coming! Like the GameStop exclusive goofy and pete too.

  6. Eddie Monjaras

  7. Melissa Fuller Bratcher

  8. The donald looks great

  9. Matt Ondrovic Lizzi Lauren Lamirand

    1. Dammit, Ashly, I don’t have room for all these XD

  10. Jacob Glover Jake Glovebox

  11. Finally. Now give me Sora

  12. Stephanie Pirozek holy cow!!!

  13. Shannon Vance Strickler

  14. […] Los escogidos por el momento han sido Mickey, Goofy y Donald, según ha desvelado el portal FunkoPopNews. No obstante, algunos medios también han filtrado al personaje de Pete, que podría […]

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