Day: January 19, 2017

Funko POP News Micro Update 53.0

One day to go until the weekend! Happy times? Hope your Hot Cash escapades are going well, have some micro Funko POP News! Funko Brian said that more Scott Pilgrim POPs are coming soon. The Funko Twitter had a Q&A today, here are the highlights! Kingdom Hearts POPs coming out this year (vague i know) More […]

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Funko Subscription Box Exclusives Now Available in the UK!

For those who live in the UK or just those in the USA who couldn’t get them, Funko Subscription Box Exclusives are now available on their own! This is an interesting move by Funko, they don’t really want to alienate their loyal subscribers but it seems they have a lot of stock on hand that they […]

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Target Exclusive Napalm Bomb Mega Man Funko Dorbz! Coming Soon!

Getting ready for their first ever with the upcoming Target Exclusive Napalm Bomb Mega Man Funko Dorbz! I say first ever as Target have never had an Exclusive Dorbz before, only ever POPs. I mean it was a surprise when they had the Exclusive 6″ Tyrant, as even a 6″ POP was a first for them […]

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Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP & More! First Look!

Ready to quench your Seuss addiction with the Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP and what’s this? More?!

I’m sure there’s someone out there with a Dr. Seuss addiction! Don’t tell me i made that up. But here we have for you photos of the four currently known Dr. Seuss POPs, there are others coming such as Horton but no one knows what he looks like yet. If you’ve seen the glam shots you’ll notice these look quite different, though i’m sure you know by know that glam shots are about marketing and when they come to be made they look quite different. The main thing i noticed was that Fox in Socks is a lot less .. red .. than his glam shot, the real one is more pink than anything. Lastly we have for you the yet unseen Pocket POPs of both Fox in Socks and Cat in the Hat! This way they can come with you and see all the horrors of our lives in person, what fun! Shots and info coming up!

Dr. Seuss – Cat in the Hat #4

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Funko POP

Dr. Seuss – Sam I Am #5

Dr. Seuss – Sam’s Friend #6

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