Live Action Beauty and the Beast Keychains and More! First Look!

Continuing our look at the new Beauty and the Beast film, today we have for you the upcoming Beauty and the Beast Keychains and Mystery Minis!

The last pieces we have for you from the upcoming Live Action remake (for now that is) are the Pocket POPs and Mystery Minis. So far there are two Pocket POPs that are known of, both featuring Belle. It’s quite likely there will be more though .. i’m thinking perhaps a Hot Topic exclusive Keychain. For exclusives we usually have to wait for the official Funko announcement, but we will see! Secondly we have the Mystery Minis, it seems as we all knew would happen there are multiple exclusives. Both Hot Topic and Walmart are taking their share of exclusives, let’s just hope no one else gets some (i’m talking about you Walgreens). There is one saving grace though, the mystery minis are all 1/12 per case, so at least you’ll know all 12 are in each case! No 1/72 .. or the dreaded .. 1/6 of which the Fallout 4 box had 3 of. Hot Topic has 3 exclusive Mystery Minis shown below, Walmart has 2 that we know of .. but i’m guessing there will be a third, Walmart’s exclusives look pretty fun! Regardless i’m looking forward to all of the Beauty and the Beast products. What say you? Glam shots and info coming up!

Update 18th April 2017: Added the missing Mystery Minis selection.

Live Action Beauty and the Beast – Celebration Belle Pocket POP Keychain

Beauty and the Beast Keychains

Live Action Beauty and the Beast – Belle Pocket POP Keychain

Base set of Mystery Minis

Read more to see more! Walmart and Hot Topic Exclusives!

Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Minis (3 Exclusives)

Walmart Exclusive Mystery Minis (3 Exclusives)

Preview of Walmart Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Mystery Minis (At least 2 Exclusives)

Official line from Funko

Funko’s latest figures hail from one of Disney’s most beloved timeless stories, Beauty & the Beast!

After a twist of fate brings her to an enchanted castle, Belle becomes the prisoner of a selfish Prince who was transformed into a hideous Beast due to his cruelty and heartlessness. The Beast must learn to gain Belle’s trust and love before it’s too late!

Finally, collect residents of the castle and village alike with Mystery Minis!

Look for exclusives at Hot Topic and Walmart too!

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