Funko POP News Micro Update 46.0

Happy last day of work eve! Well .. unless you work on the weekends, but every day is a POP day. Have some micro Funko POP News!

  1. Start checking your local Walmarts, Pink Raven Dorbz is popping up in stores now.
  2. Dorbz Ridez beast in X Men Blackbird jet is also appearing!
  3. In celebration of reaching 400k followers Funko is running a competition, follow and retweet this to enter.
  4. Funko announces that the March Smuggler’s Bounty box will be Star Wars “Rebels” Themed! Here’s a teaser trailer to go along with it.
  5. New Live Action Beauty and the Beast POP revealed, Belle with Candlestick exclusive to Barnes & Noble. Coming early February.
    1. Page at Barnes and Noble is right here, not on sale yet!
  6. Also at Barnes and Noble is the upcoming Flocked Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat! On sale soon!
  7. Target Exclusive Rey down to $2.68 at this NJ store.
  8. Funko says Save the Date and that January 23rd will be leakapalooza! I’m guessing they will just reveal more upcoming POPs and so on.
  9. Feel like grabbing some POPs and so on at Hot Topic’s sister site Box Lunch? Well look no further.
    1. Get $20 off an $40 spend = HGCHL8MR
    2. Get $40 off an $80 spend = JU7USCU6
  10. Information from the latest Funko Q&A!
    1. More wobblers soon! Not exactly surprising ..
    2. Mr Robot glam shots are coming out soon!
    3. Announcement of DC Bombshells coming soon, with glams too hopefully!
    4. Funko in 2017 will be having exclusives for ECCC, SWC, SDCC and NYCC.
    5. The 100 POP details soon, again hopefully with glams as we already know which ones!
    6. More info on Kingdom Hearts soon!
  11. Winner of our second giveaway hasn’t responded to their email yet! I will wait one more day before choosing another winner, good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Funko POP News Micro Update 46.0

  1. I’m glad those glam shots for the Mr. Robot POPs are coming soon, which hopefully means they’re finally about to come out (after being on release lists for months). Mr. Robot is currently my favorite show on TV right now, so I’ll probably end up buying all of them.

    1. I only watched the first episode so far! My wife didn’t like it too much though so haven’t watched the rest yet 😛 looking forward to seeing their glams along with the bombshells POPs!

      1. I was hooked after the first episode, but there’s something that happens later in the first season (not going to spoil when or what) that elevated the show to the next level for me. I can’t say you’ll feel the same way, but if you liked it even a little bit after the first episode then I highly suggest you watch at least the rest of the first season (I try not to give unsolicited recommendations for TV shows, so that’s as close as I’ll go to giving one).

        1. Thanks for the info, well it sounds interesting! I was going to watch more but my wife’s particular about what we watch, i’ll try convince her to watch more 😛

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