Roll Up. Get Your January 2017 Hot Cash Codes Here! Sale Starting Tomorrow!

Come take part in the Quad annual Hot Cash sale! All you need are January 2017 Hot Cash Codes and your ever dwindling pile of money.

January 2017 Hot Cash Codes

Whether you’re spending $15 or $150 their’s a code for you, the Hot Cash sale is probably one of the best times of the year to stock up on Funko products. Especially Hot Topic exclusives! If you’re missing any of those then now is certainly the time to get them. It’s true a lot of the less valuable POPs will at some point be clearanced and cheaper at Hot Topic or elsewhere, but that’s never a guarantee. Another thing that is great to buy, items that i usually get at this time .. are higher value items such as POP Rides, Dorbz Rides, 6″ POPs and so on. These items are far less likely to go on clearance and come in fewer numbers. Coming up are your Hot Topic Hot Cash codes and all the tips you will need to save the most money!

Date information: Hot Cash sale starts on January the 11th for VIP members, and then the 12th for everyone else with it ending on the 22nd of January. VIP members are basically anyone who has an account .. so don’t worry!

  • Hot Cash Codes
    • $15 off a $30 spend = VHZEMLNJ
    • $30 off a $60 spend = 7D3JTT6H
    • $45 off a $90 spend = MRKDAJLV
    • $60 off a $120 spend = AP5WWSBG
    • $75 off a $150 spend = FXSZ5BRD

Money Saving Tip 1: Did you buy anything there that is still in stock during the past 30 days? Well return it and re-buy it with Hot Cash to save some extra POP money.
Money Saving Tip 2: Try to reach as close to the discount amount as possible, remember things like $150 is 12 POPs exactly so you get the best discount.
Money Saving Tip 3: Make sure you have an account! Hot Topic gives you back $5 for every $100 spent, and when you become a VIP+ member you get even more back!
Money Saving Tip 4: Using a Credit Card that gives you cash back, if you have a Credit Card which provides Cash Back .. usually 1 or 2% then be sure to use it.
Money Saving Tip 5: Use eBates when buying online! At no cost to you they will give you 4.0% cash back, so $4 for every $100 spent which adds up! As an added bonus they give new members $10 if they make a purchase of $25 or more so this will discount your Hot Topic purchase even more. Once you’ve signed up you just go to their Hot Topic page and click Shop Now!

Hope this information will help you get the best out of your Hot Cash experience! If you feel this has helped you in some way the best way you can help me back is to sign up to eBates through my link, if you shop at Hot Topic through eBates i get a small amount back. Regardless if you use my link or not i recommend eBates!

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3 thoughts on “Roll Up. Get Your January 2017 Hot Cash Codes Here! Sale Starting Tomorrow!

  1. Anyone have the $150/ $300 code? The last several times they’ve offered it. Thanks!

  2. Anyone have Boxlunch Money codes?

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