Sweet Christmas. Marvel’s Gwenpool Funko POPs! Coming February!

She’s a henchman not a hero, Marvel’s Gwenpool Funko POPs are coming your way soon!

Looks like we’re getting someone .. equally .. as crazy to join Deadpool, which one will take pride of place in your collections? You decide. Not 1 but 3 variations of Gwenpool are hitting stores this February, one of them is Walgreens sadly but i’ve had better luck with them recently so here’s hoping! I say that because Walgreens is notorious for their poor distribution, and well .. their exclusive is the coolest one! They’re all awesome but i have to say i prefer her unmasked, the pink tips on the hair is a nice touch. What are your thoughts on the female rogue? Will she be competing with Deadpool or just a side note in his story. We will see i’m sure, glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel – Masked Gwenpool with Gun and Phone #164 (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Gwenpool Funko POPs

Marvel – Masked Gwenpool with Sword #197

Marvel – Unmaksed Gwenpool with Sword #213 (Walgreens Exclusive)

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